Would you use this see-through toilet?

To mark World Toilet Day, the Global Poverty Project brought a “see-through toilet” to Washington Square Park in New York City, courtesy of Unilever/Domestos.
New Yorkers experienced what it’s like for the 2.4 billion people who don’t have access to a basic toilet, and the almost 1 billion who are forced to defecate in the open.


Cynthia Chambers says:

What an impact!


U can hide from cops

Dreamasia Cream says:

Watching this gave me anxiety

Genius muziQ says:

What type of glass was used for this? please anyone let me know.

Angel Croes says:


Owen I says:

no I would not its a fake toilet it says its non functional

Ronald Mcdonald says:

Wait at 0:35, is that the feminist who got arrested by cops in one of those YouTube videos?


ayy any rv students here

Motion says:


SandFeatherSheCat OfWindClan says:


Merk says:

This can probably help people get over shy bladder

Jack Jagger says:

Are these still around? I wanna impregnate my future wife in this thing.

Shadow says:

I push the other button on one of those fancy eco toilets, and everything just went so horribly wrong….

Kirsa Francis says:

What The…………………………..

Spary Hipster says:

I know two hoes, jelly and slogo….

Nathan Bower says:

That’s not a see through toilet. The toilet is opaque white. The bathroom or restroom is see through.

SteakGames says:

just realized this was posted
exactly one year ago

procekim says:

I did not know this, But I know this and it makes me sad. But hay 19th November is TOILET day. YOPEEEEEE

Prachi Patil says:

first i thought its such a GROTESQUE GESTURE…. but then i realized 54% of the 1.1 billion people in INDIA don’t have toilets…..THANK YOU for such awareness! (depicted in the most creative way)

Thom Thumbe says:

If it were a functioning facility, I’d use it in a heartbeat, without any concern. I’ve spent many years of my life living overseas and have been in many places where many people are forced to ‘go’ out in public. We here in the US of A have no problem finding a toilet to use, 24/7 and we get used to that luxury. We even grow up demanding that kind of availability. Some people live for years without even seeing one, let alone be able to use one. It is sad when you think about it. In any case, I’m so seasoned to being seen when I have to ‘go’. I guess this one way mirror would be heaven to many folks, and to me it is no big deal.

Gurosama Bltch says:

They should reverse it so that you can’t see the people, but they can see you.

louis43233 says:

Someone is going to masterbate in that thing.

McZidanne says:

lol Singapore worried about the world toilet day. They should be worrying about the barbaric practice of death penalty. Come back from the middle ages Singapore.

General Caos says:

go to prison and then see if this is something

Rik Liu says:

but there’s a camera inside right?

Ben A says:

Final shot – “non working toilet, do not use” so uhh… what was the point

Mohan Pan says:

November 18 is my birthday

Wafl says:

Why is no one talking about how they put the toilet paper on the wrong way

Jacob Siegle says:

I would use a toilet with no glass at all tbh.. who cares? And if I really have to and I’m in the woods or whatever I’ll just dig a hole and squat. It’s a natural part of being human.

Phill Pauley says:

Really? Toilet day? All the other things that are wrong in the world and you’re worried about people not having a toilet? Too much stupidity to even bother with…

Daniel Dan says:

I would

Victor Wagner says:

I would laugh outside the toilet pointing to the glass

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