Use a Bidet for a cleaner BUTT! Work on ANY Toilet! Benefits, installation, and review!

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Hi everyone today I’m going to be giving you a review on the Neo 120 Bidet, you know that thing that shots water at your bum and for some reason most Americans are afraid of! I’ll quickly show you how easy it is to install and some of the big benefits using a bidet offers. So if you decide you do want this one, I included a link in the description below where you can pick this one up for less than $50 bucks!
I had no idea I could get a high quality bidet for such a low price. I used to think they cost $100s and even thousands of dollars. You don’t need to be a plumber, this bidet is very simple to install .
Before I get into the installing I’ll go over some of the benefits.
Better personal hygiene and cleaning.
It’s like washing your dirty car. You get a much better clean if you hose it down with water compared to wiping it down with towels.
Greatly reduce the impact you have on the environment
I’m using about 75% less toilet paper and no more expensive wet wipes. Americans use close to 8 million tons of toilet paper every year,7and forests are being destroyed to keep up with this demand.

Save money and reduce household waste
Better skin care and more comfortable to use
Reduce plumbing problems and prevent clogs
Bidets are becoming more popular with older people because they help prevent UTIs
It is one of the best investments I’ve made. I can’t imagine being without one. I do admit, it took some convincing to get my girlfriend to actually use it, but now after a week of using it she loves it.
If you live in a cold climate then you might want to get the Neo 320 which has cold and hot settings so you don’t get sprayed with ice water.
For around $10 bucks more there’s a dual nozzle model, the 185 which has a nozzle for women, and I’m assuming the second nozzle sprays a different shape at a slightly different angle.
For me, this bidet was a great investment and after doing hours of research I went with brand because of its spotless reviews.
That’s my review, if you found the video helpful I always appreciate those thumbs up! And thank you for watching.


Trisha Marie says:

I’d use it too tickle my clit, sit the other way around lol

Moo Moo Puppy says:

Its better for the environment

raspycellist says:

Right at the end I thought it was the cat doing the talking. Hahaha

Venugopala Rao Atmakuru says:

a very good toilet system providing no difficulty for very old senior citizens.
i got a small doubt. can this bidet system with or rubber pipe with nozzled cannot be added to the already existing lavatory seat and basin. because my mother is finding difficulty to clean the uterus and butts after stoolside. she is 90 years old. can anybody solve my doubt.

Eatmore Icecream says:


Roberto Ventura says:

Does it spray shit all over the place with all that pressure?

Cyndi Foore says:

I may have to get one of these but I’ll he one with the warm water.

Amsterdamaged says:

Did you have to shit in a cup for the demonstration?

Mily Croft says:

Unless toilet water is JUST tap, I don’t want it up my ass.

Sean Raidley says:

3:24 Kitty <3

David Good says:

“Forests are being destroyed to keep up with this demand.” Ummm… it’s called a renewable resource. Trees get cut… trees get planted. It’s like walking into a McDonald’s and telling people to stop eating fries because billions of potato fields are being destroyed to keep up with the demand for french fries. Like no farmer (tree or potato) ever thinks to replant for continued revenue.

Quantrindic says:

That peanut sauce is grossing me out lol

Sky High says:

Getting into the shower? That is a waste of water, a small jet of water come from the bidet and into the anus, the water DOES NOT run down your legs. Wiping with paper just smears crap all over your butt. If you have never tried a bidet don’t make fun of it.

Aut Caesar Aut Nihil says:

What a crap system!!

PotholesInMyLawn says:

I may need more horse power…

E1990 says:

You don’t need a complicated system to use water to wash yourself…all Muslim countries have their bathrooms fitted with a water hose (bidet shower) next to the toilet that you can use to wash your private parts- it’s easy to use and control (just like a kitchen sink sprayer) and you don’t have to worry about the nozzle getting dirty as it is not inside the toilet bowl.

youtuuba says:

Unless I missed it, this video never referred to the Brand of bidet being shown, but rather used the model/series name. These are made by Luxe Bidet.

dp ny says:

doesn’t your bum get all wet…how do you try that much water without getting it on your clothes when you stand

zisis stip says:

We, the millions of candidate victims of Acquired Hospital Infections, or Urinary Tract or other infections, or food poisoning, are anxious about the verdict of the now (?) ongoing (?) research project t by Health World Institutes, about the critical question::
“Is toilet paper use related TO URINARY – ACQUIRED HOSPITAL INFECTIONS- FOOD MICROBIAL CONTAMINATION, GENERAL INFECTIONS ? Are we unintentionally disperse around the E. COLI and other microbes?
When somebody is using t. paper to wipe up, the cleaning is incomplete. A feces layer, full of dangerous microbes remains, which soon IS DRIED out and VAPORIZED, so these microbes overwhelm the near organs, especially in women and soon disperse to all house, and of course to our food. Soit is obvious that hand washing up is not enough.
The same and worse it applies to hospitals, where the often lethal in-hospital infections are not uncommon. It is then imperative for Health Services and medical staff to give a quick and clear answer to the above question. It is easy I think, for a Health Institute, in a laboratory to count the microbes number in a place, room or house, when the toilet paper is used, and when a good, 100% effective bidet.
This answer will enable us to face microbes more effectively at their SOURCE. Otherwise they could be blamed for CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE” .
In the mean time it is wise to use the 100% effective (thanks to VERTICAL jet), easy to use and install, with no hand involvement, low cost, KO BIDET, at least FOR HYGIENE SAFETY, comfort, aesthetics, dignity, simplicity, ecology, cleaning, economy.

Freddie Coleman says:

I love it that you mention Americans are afraid of bidets. It explains a lot when you consider the current political hatred and division in our country. Forget the bidet. At this point only a full blown enema would Make America Happy Again.

BossFight52 says:

I can confirm I’m an American and A.what the fuck is that B.Scared of it C.kinda want one….

Ramon Lopez says:

so it basically shoots water up your ass

Leo Ryan says:

I have this exact same bidet. The only issue I have is that everyone doesn’t have one. I don’t know how I went all my life and didn’t have this. I’m not any kind of wimp, but the difference is the same as washing your dishes, or just wiping them with toilet paper. Kinda has a bit of a learning curve though. Careful not to turn the water on too high or your liable to cnc mill your privates off and end up changing your name to Katelyn fella.

Moon says:

I wash my ass with soap and water in the tub afterwards. Don’t need a shitty bidet.

bbculotti says:

Maybe you aren’t using as much paper, but you’re wasting a lot more water.

ibuprofenPill says:

A bidet cleanses you, toilet paper and/or wipes do not. I have this exact model. It took about 10 minutes to install. Like most of you, I made jokes and had a serious prejudice towards bidets. Now that I’ve been using it, I can’t see how I ever lived without it!

Bio Bidet says:

Even though it’s not our brand, we really appreciate any efforts to educate people on the eco-conscious and improved hygiene that a bidet offers. Great vid!

123 456 says:

It’s just water. The shit residue may be mostly gone but the bacteria still remains. It’s best to wipe with TP first then bidet with soap to get a true clean.

Overwhelming Euphoria says:

but what happens if I spray my ass and I find out I like butt stuff and I’m gay for life? What then??? Is there a bidet mode to minimize pleasure to ensure I don’t start liking dudes?

Chinh Tran says:

Great review and very helpful.

vidform says:

Here’s my concern: once the water starts spraying your butt, will fecal debris start to fall from your butt onto the nozzle and cause it to spray poopy water onto your butt? Also, while the nozzle is tucked away until you’re ready to use it, is there a chance – if you have diarrhea – you could defecate on the nozzle and get it dirty? Does the nozzle need to be cleaned off?

nother1down72 lopez says:

I want one

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