Toto Toilets are the Luxury Toilets in Asia.

What are Toto Toilets in Japan?

Toto is a luxury brand of Japanese toilets. It’s one of the luxe toilets / luxury toilets out there. The technology rivals the asian squat toilet or western toilet.. With a side remote to control features such as heating, bidet spray, deodorant, water pressure, etc… I’ve found these luxury toilets japan and korea.

The handicap and family stall had something even more. Check out this amazing toilet.




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Joseline Peña says:

ok this video is a bit wierd but the tiolet is like sitting in a tropical island

Jelly Cheeks says:

Wow I’m in Fukuoka now. When were you here? And yes, these toilets are delightful.

Angelo Enrique Castillo says:

who tf reviews toilets on other places of the earth lmao

Red Dragon Diaries says:

Japan is just so clean!  I think cleaner than any other nation tbh.  But anyway I like the little avatar-style instructions on the bidet. 

LIz Dur says:

What’s the call button for?

Cindy S says:

I became obsessed w/the Toto toilet after visiting Japan.  My friend and I were trying to figure out how to fit one in our suitcase:/  One time we went to a spa in Ginza and I went in to use the restroom.  As I entered, the lid automatically opened for me. Bizarre.

amanda currin says:

i think its not hand sanitazer but for wiping the toilet seat 🙂

korea seoul says:

You must like toilets. A bunch of your vids are about toilets and pooping.

BA BF says:

Warming up seat, listening to music, etc.? How long do they sit on the toilet?

tada kaori says:

That was toilet seat sanitizer. not for your hands!!

Ayngelina Brogan says:

That is hilarious, although I don’t like to touch very many things in the washroom, as other people have their hands all over them, especially those buttons!

Cliff Lee says:

I know it’s nice but it dosent change the fact it’s a public toilet. too bad they don’t have a sanitizer function after each person uses it.

Jessica Gallardo says:

yea I need one of those

OkiNinjaKitty says:

Hey GRRRRL! That “baby’s urinal” that you pointed out is actually for people with colostomy bags or catheters. Sometimes they look like this, other times they look like a wide large sink that is slightly lower than a standard sink. 

Shawn Cookson says:

Wow they take their “#$%^” seriously

li Sizhuang says:

japan toliet is not very good because it always clog

Bùi Đức Hạnh says:

Thật tuyệt vời ,tôi đang cần sản phẩm cao cấp để viết bài quảng cáo cho website này

Dalia Lourenço says:

bahhah I also do toilet tourism, but haven’t come across any this impressive. Must go to Japan. Or start importing them. So did you try all the features?

Byron Chavarria says:


fan 38 awesome says:–GEz48 NEW TOILET. THE BEST

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