Toto Toilets Are The Best. Why?

Call us plumbing geeks if you will because we are big fans of Toto toilets and tend to geek out over them. This video will show you why!


Kevin ibarra says:

Even a western is better than a toto hahaha

Devan5028 says:

Toto? no no no, it’s spelt American Standard, but I mean that’s your option

Toilet Fuze says:

They are junk

David New says:

American Standard Champion 4 Max or Cadet Pro toilets are better than Toto. American Standard Champion 4 Max and Cadet Pro toilets are least prone to clogging because of the powerful siphonic action.

John Bales says:

I had a Toto Ultramax in my Dallas condo and loved it. However, since then I’ve moved into a 1950s mid-century modern home that has an American Standard ‘Norwall’ wall hung toilet (the 2nd bathroom was added about 1960). Last year I replaced all the original hardware in the tank, using a Korky 528PRO Pro-Grade Fill Valve and a Korky flush valve assembly. Now it is one of the quietest flushing toilets I’ve ever had (even compared to the Toto). Whisper quiet, I’ve actually had to check if I flushed it! So still going strong after 50+ years, my only complaint is the seat is a unique shape and can only be found from Church/Bemis in white (the bathroom fixtures are Venetian Pink). The other bathroom has an American Standard Glenwall which they still manufacture. Both companies produce some great fixtures and continue to advance the technologies in products we pretty much take for granted (until they stop up, that is!)

Three Way Plumbing Services says:

All toilets are not created equally just like a vehicle and everything else out there. People choose different brands and models for the features they like and want. Each manufacturer has various models, and they do not perform the same. We have several different ones we have all chosen for various reasons and price points that we offer, but we will gladly install any make and model a customer prefers. However, currently based on our over 75 years combined experience, our recommendation to people that are on heavy medications, the Toto Drake II is the best model currently out there. We have replaced many others including some that were named and the issues completely went away and numerous stoppages and backups. I would love to hear not only other’s preference or opinion, but the actual why for their preference on make and model of a toilet and specifics to help us better serve our clients and be able to provide the right recommendation for their specific needs/wants. Thank you for your help.

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