TOTO S350e / S300e Washlet Review –

– Scene 1 –

Hi this is Lindsay with bidetsPLUS and today we’ll be reviewing the TOTO S350e. Operated with a wireless remote control, the S350e is one of the most advanced bidet toilet seats in the world.

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The TOTO S350e has a clean, modern look. You can see the recessed edges as you look around the corners of the lid. Towards the rear of the unit, there’s a silver “TOTO Washlet” insignia centered in the middle. There’s also a body sensor which detects when you’re approaching the seat, which is the light grey rectangle in the upper-right part of your picture.

– Scene 3 –

To the left of the TOTO insignia, you’ll find the main display which has four LED lights. There’s a power light, a light for the occupied seat sensor, and another light for the energy saving mode. The last light is the “Clean” indicator which shows when the washlet is using eWater, or electrolyzed water, to mist your toilet bowl. This helps minimize the need for chemical cleaners and keeps your toilet noticeably whiter and cleaner.

– Scene 4 –

At just under four inches tall, the TOTO S350e is the thinnest bidet seat you’ll find.

Another thing to mention is notice how there are no electric cords or water hoses extending from this side of the unit. Unlike other manufacturers, TOTO keeps all the cordage on the opposite side of the seat.

– Scene 5 –

Here’s a view of the other side. You can see a mini control panel here which can be used to operate the bidet without the remote control.

– Scene 6 –

The S350e also features an automatic opening seat and lid. A body sensor detects when you’re approaching the toilet and will raise the lid only. Men, who may want to raise the seat too, can do so by pressing a button located on top of the remote control — as demonstrated here. Tapping the button again makes the seat go down. Both the seat and lid close automatically, 90 seconds after walking away.

– Scene 7 –

The TOTO remote control has an all new design making it easier to hold in one hand. On the front, you’ll find the most commonly used buttons such as rear wash, feminine wash, and the air dry.

Buttons on the side activate the “Oscillate” and “Water Pulse” functions” and also adjust water pressure and nozzle position.

On the back of the remote you’ll find an LCD screen which helps you adjust temperature settings as well as for programming.

– Scene 8 –

The TOTO S350e works with a single nozzle system. Here, we demonstrate the posterior wash function.

And next, we’ll show the feminine wash.

Look closely, and you’ll see the “Soft Spray” feature which widens the spray area.

We’re moving the nozzle backwards and forwards to show how you can adjust the position of the spray. You can also adjust the water temperature, and adjust the water pressure.

Now we’re demonstrating the “Oscillate” function which moves the nozzle back and forth, extending the cleaning area.

The bidet also has a “Water Pulse” feature which pulsates the water stream for a massaging effect.

– Scene 9 –

The bidet also comes equipped with a built-in air dryer. With five adjustable settings, the air dry feature on the S350e is one of the best you’ll find.

– Scene 10 –

The bidet also features a slow closing seat, and lid.

– Scene 11 –

And here’s a view of the convenient LED night light. The light turns on automatically as you approach the toilet.

– Scene 12 –

Additional features include the popular heated toilet seat, but if you prefer your seat at room temperature, you can turn this feature off. There’s also an automatic air deodorizer and a programmable energy saving mode, which lets you set the hours of the day when your washlet goes to sleep.

– Scene 13 –

Thanks for watching this bidetsPLUS video review, featuring the TOTO S350e. You can also read our full written review on this model in the bidet reviews section, on


Andrew Pierce says:

Does the seat have an obviously plastic feel to it, or does it feel more like porcelain?

Nathaniel Montes says:

I work at TOTO USA in fontana and I assemble these bad boys everyday

Mike Blarney says:

Doesnt that nozzle get doodie all over it?

Eric Layher says:

Is there any place where one can find the average yearly water/energy usage for this product?

Old Yeller says:

I’m going to have to put in another Electrical Outlet…  :/

Rita Lang says:

How bright are the LED lights? Easily visible at night?

intuin says:

Is it possible to turn the automatic lid function off? We have a cat that uses the toilet as well so I would want to keep the lid up.

Lord Krius says:

Where has this been all my life?

David Lubarsky says:

Can one order a right versus left sided configuration?

Leslee Walker says:

So am I understanding correct the TOTO S350e  has an electrolyzed water process that minimizes the need for  using chemical cleaners?  Can you explain a little more how that works?  Thanks.

YhwhKhaiMostHigh says:

Does this only work with Toto brand toilets??

pnojazz says:

how does a buyer know if the seat fits their toilet? thx for the video.

sherribrns says:

How easy is this seat to install? Will it fit on any existing toilet or are there some models it doesn’t work with?

scottpolston99 says:

What are the benefits of the recessed edges?

David Lubarsky says:

Facing the toilet, it is placed in a corner with the wall on the right side. GIven that, how does one find the optimal locations for placing an electrical outlet for the seat? Thanks

49studebaker says:

Does it always keep the water heated, or does it only heat the water after you have sat on the seat?

Ulster 1690 says:

Like this. Wish we had these in the United Kingdom. I’m not generally a fan of modern toilets, but these look exciting. 

Byron Chavarria says:

They Use This In Japan

Ronald Rachel says:


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