The WiFi “Smart” Toilet Gets Hacked. Seriously, there’s a WiFi Toilet.

A Japanese company has built a “smart toilet” that uses WiFi, and of course hackers have figured out how to remotely take over the toilet and make it spray you in the butt or flush repeatedly. Who would want a WiFi toilet?
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CureCreation says:

Come on man, why you being so selfish as-s-hole again? People have needs. Maybe this new wi fi toilet invention is targeted for the Coprolagnic (Scat Loving) community. They can that way check out their lover’s turd drops in HD, while masturbating to it, maybe. How about that? Maybe your beloved Kesha’s live urine drinking is not coincidental, maybe the Illuminati is subconsciously promoting piss drinking, scat eating, the most subhuman of fetishes, for the mentally enslaved morons!!!!!

Duane Dibbley says:

or the iShite

superguyps3 says:

wtf smart fork when the hell did this thing came out im not sure but soon people wont even use their arms to eat food they will use robotic arms to eat and then it will get hacked and then the arms will kill people lol sound crazy and what else robotic legs then it will get hacked then it will take to volcano then make you throw your self fuck this world is getting crazy

phill glover says:

man i wish sum hackers would go to town on all of justin biebers electronics. that dude is a total fucking asshole. and recently he had his body gaurds beat a man unconcious. that rich little prick needs his visa taken and his punk ass kicked.

Flores Drywall says:

Smart fork WTF

Joseph Bailey says:

……That’s enough internet for today

Cirilla says:

Lmfao XD

1120truthseeker says:

Seriously, people who hack stuff like that have too much time on their hands and who make them things.  Too much technology leads to an ignorant, self-absorbed, obese person who spends little time reading anything worthwhile that might actually help them think or learn what is going on in this world, and who spends little time actually talking with family and visiting people who are in rest homes or the like.  It is not that people are too busy or do not have the time, but rather that they would rather be entertained and “blissfully” unaware of anything that could awaken them from their own little world.  It seems like people just invent things to do the work for them now days, but they still want the pay.  If it keeps going that direction, could robots take over human jobs, and could that cause more people to be out of work and dependent of the government?  Just saying…  Think about it.  If a computer or robot can do your job and does not have to be paid, what will they need you for?  Technology is going too far these days, and people use to know how to grow their own food, spend more time as a family, hunt, fish, sew, build houses without computerized tools and gadgets, use a map to travel, think for themselves, cook and now many skills like these are disappearing.  Only a few can do such things or do these things, but many would rather take the easy way out.  Work is dirty word to this generation.  However, when people worked hard and gained survival skills, there was less crime, few self-esteem problems, ect.  You want to know how to get kids to quit having self-esteem issues?  Get them busy with activities that use real brain power, with helping someone less fortunate, with learning skills of survival, with chores around the house, with learning things that that are actual work, and with things that build real character, and all the problems with self-esteem go away.  Teach them to be disciplined and responsible.  The problem is that few really want to teach today by real standards of learning, not by what they call education today. 

SamiaB2009 says:

LOL I can’t stop laughing but u said it right!

kassem S says:

You forgot to mention the shitbox 1.. Xbox 1 lol

CaliberShitter says:

WiFi is dangerous you nutjob!

Drunken Punk 800 says:


Wifi can cause cancer. I hope people enjoy their prostate cancer

Frosting 2000 says:

Who the hell wants to look into their fridge from their phone just open the freaking door

Natalie M says:

A toilet wtf…

DontAsk says:

wonder if the NSA watches u poop

stanky budz says:

LOL, a fuckin “smart fork” REALLY??!!….wow….. i feel like ranting about it but i am lost for words on it

CaliberShitter says:

You are a brain dead fool. Fuck off and don’t reply to me again or you will get fucking assraped

Brad says:

I think there should be a smart scarf. So the government can hack and choke you to death.

sasakia hinds says:


Daniel K says:

People are Idiots sometimes and it makes me laugh

spiritkryst says:

no, you guys are still idiots. everything that has been on the market decades ago is still on the market today. some older, more intrusive products may be harder to find but they’re still available. you’re stupid for complaining about something you’ll never buy and never use. you’re stupid for complaining for the sake of complaining, because last time I checked NO engineer has ever taken away from the world, but rather GAVE with each new invention

Nickel893 says:

Just America? Mark you mean to say the world.

spiritkryst says:

Do you idiots do realize that just because a product is available on the market doesn’t mean you have to buy/use it, right?

Low FPS Obama sonic of TF2 says:


Inas Sh says:

Lol… I love you, man.. hhhhhhhh

skreamification says:

so angry

jordilop15 says:

so… how am I supposed to take this society serious again?

Jeil bchcats says:

Lol! I love just about everything you write! Do you think I should have written this? LOL

Yousif M.a says:

thats awesome 😀

sasakia hinds says:

just give me 7 years and i will become stop them but for now keep the faith my humans friend and u are more than human because these people who are there are idiots please i am coming for every illuminati member so u know i exist i am coming for u remember judgement will soon be here love and patients fly over crow and ravens remember so read this u satanic people around because iam here and iam here to stop u remember u makme my people suffer now its your turn to suffer u satanic people jah

sasakia hinds says:

yahwah is with me so thats means judgemnent on all u 13 bloodlines tell i am soon be coming for all of u hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah jah ova evil right pan mi heart hahahahahahahahahahahahahah babylon friend when the geidyon start hahahahaha peace

spiritkryst says:

you sound dumb as hell…..fuck it, you are dumb as hell

tilapi tilapia says:

Mark dice is a HERO.

Anthony Lidstrom says:

Haha that’s stupid as fuck about the fork

CaliberShitter says:

They are slowly phasing out non intrusive products if you haven’t noticed. You could have done a little research before you call us all idiots.

cbasenback says:

Do we really need a wifi toilet… Do we need wifi while we take a shit? What a fork… Lets get a grip ppl…. If u need tat much help that u need a fork…. That does all that, u need counseling.

Logos42 says:

Thats some serious shit!! Lol

vetmanusa says:

The “Icrap” would be a great name for an apple “smart” toilet.

ALM092306 says:

Next we will have the three shells in the bathroom like on demolition man… I agree we are heading to a fattie world.

Deliverance02x says:

Cool story Conspiracy Theorist

Duane Nickerson says:

shouldn’t the smart toilet be named the smart ass?

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