If you’re going off-grid (and perhaps even if you aren’t) composting your waste makes a lot of sense. From my findings, The Nature’s Head composting toilet is the best option hands down if you’re taking the (which I highly suggest) the composting route. See link below to purchase. BTW, this isn’t a paid endorsement or anything like that. My Dad bought this toilet with his own money based on my suggestion, nothing else.

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Penni Jones says:

Where do you dump the pee? Idk… I think I’d tather use a real toilet!

Emmanuel A says:

I always wanted to try an incinerator toilet. What are your pros and cons?

nunya biznez says:

wtf dude, think before you speak. seriously, go back and watch this when your not drinking. scramble brain mother fucker.

kenneth worde says:

Great vid made a decision for me, I guess you get what you pay for?! I currently use vented 7gal bucket (secured) with moss/peat/sawdust,cedar and swag bags. I am low volume, but women seem happy, working on flush septics, I burn compost in cutoff 55gal once a month, I also have 1# diverter, great vid, very helpful

Jed Honrado says:

From a subscriber in Tampa, respect the Jai Alai IPA!

Aspen Anya says:

Cleaning it seems like the biggest downfall, because there is no water. Who wants to sit there and wipe poop debris after every “messy” poop or wait and try and clean dried poop debris …….

Grace Cantle says:

where do you empty the urine? Into sewer system? I thought the whole point was to avoid that?

nyla tawiah says:

thanks for the review I am looking for a toilet for my small cabin

Kelly Carson says:

A Good description. When most of the Scandinavian countries have been using composting toilets in office buildings as well as private homes for decades it is time we got on board. These countries are far ahead of us in conserving water and helping the environment. It isn’t as difficult an adjustment as it might seem; it just takes a willingness to try new things. It is very easy to maintain as he described and not at all a bad odor as you might fear. Nor is it upsetting in any way when you empty it as instructed. It is far less stressful to manage then changing a beloved child’s diaper or cleaning up after your child can be at times. I recommend finding someone who has a composting toilet, if you’re needing that helpful advice in person first.

mbofny says:

I can’t bring myself to use one. I’d prefer to be connected to utilities: one flush and it’s gone!

MrDisneyCollector says:

the air out take…the tube goes through the floor to what? Outside or under the house? What keeps snakes and bugs from crawling in that tube?

fire7side says:

I use 2 five gallon buckets. One for urine and one for feces. I really can’t understand how someone could use just one. It seems like it would be so messy. Also, urine is pretty harmless and you can dilute it and use it for a garden fertilizer. It doesn’t spread disease like feces does. Composted feces really needs to age for about 2 years before it would be safe to put back on the land.

irehc orobray says:

why did you get all sweetie

Danne Stack says:

So the compost/pee just gets thrown in the city dump or you have your own compost dump somewhere? I don’t know these things.

Dalester1979 says:

Thanks man for explaining the Nature’s Head CT. I have wondered how it works since I’ve heard about it.

Darignobullseye says:

I’ve seen so many tiny houses, never shown how toilet works. Thank you.
I have to ask since no one seems to bring it up. how hard is it to sit on those tiny toilet’s, for a guy your size? they seem so tiny that your parts might not fit when pooping and peeing.
how do you get the solids out? do you lift the entire toilet out?
I apologize for the bluntness but how can I decide what toilet to use if no one talks about true function and comfort.

Wander Full Life says:

You mentioned incinerating toilets. You think it better than those? Why?

Joe Medlin says:

For composting toilets this seems like a great choice but would between the two would you go composting or incinerating? Would incinerating be an option off grid (i know it’s a big electric draw but i assume still doable…

Agusdelina Smiles says:

I saw how the urine tank is removed.. I don’t get how your supposed to empty the compost chamber?! he lifted the seat, but I didn’t see handles or ….? looks like you need 3 hands at least!? one to hold up seat and two to somehow remove that square chamber with 3 months worth of ” deposits”!? Some one have ideas?

Deborah Martin says:

I remember using the outhouse as a young girl. Composting toilets have come a long way since then.

roxanneworld11 says:

great explanation, thanks!

Juan Pedro says:

“He called the shit, poop” – billy madison

LifeInPK says:

Very informative and honest review! Thanks for sharing. On another note, what camera do you use?

Derek Smith says:

Steven… VermontDerek here. as an ex-JAI-ALAI player I love your choice in beer. Send someone to check out my build in Brandon Vermont!

Rune Star says:

Why do you prefer the Nature’s Head over an incinerating toilet? It seems an incinerator would be better. It seems cleaner, bigger capacity…

Becky Doyle says:

My question is if you use this in your tiny house and are traveling, where and how to take care of getting rid of it. The pee is easy to figure out, but what do you do with all that poop..? If you live off grid, I can know how to deal with it. .

PadmeAmidala says:

I’m sorry if this is disgusting but…. as a woman…. *read below* you’ve been warned.

how does it fair when we have heavy periods? with clumps and messy periods? how dirty does it get? omg…

RawFinn says:

Can you use a bidet shower with composting toilet? Then this would be absolutely awesome, because toilet paper just isn’t that ecological nor healthy.

Wraith Games says:

I prefer a Japanese washlet with a tank-top sink and a Heatworks water heater. Add an Altered:Nozzle to the sink when it comes out and it gets even better!

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