The Amazing Japanese Toilet ★ ONLY in JAPAN #09 日本のハイテクトイレ

The Amazing Japanese Toilet!
The Japanese toilet is not just a toilet. It has evolved into a high-tech machine of pleasure.

*It cleans itself.
*It cleans you.
*It’s eco friendly.
*It’s just awesome!

There are loads of options with more on the way as the technology evolves. In this episode, John and tech otaku Joseph Tame visit the TOTO showroom where they have many of their latest toilets on display. We’ll take a tour and give you our report while sitting, of course! We even have a camera inside the toilet for a unique perspective!

Take your toilet knowledge to the next level in this episode! Don’t miss it! Only in Japan.

This show has been created and produced by John Daub ( ジョン・ドーブ ). He’s been living and working in Japan for over 15 years and regularly reports on a TV Show for Japan’s International Channel.

Casting light on quirky, funny & amazing Japanese culture in a way only seen through the eyes of a foreigner! Join us as we penetrate deep into the heart of Japan!


TIBO says:

Imagine if Americans made a advance toilet and it need to connect to wifi in order to operate

Cormy SyStem says:

I am honored to accept your waste

かいのすけ storm says:


sage,,! says:

they said the basin design went back 50 years… 50 YEARS! america needs this now. there are so many butts that i have smelled, and they smelled horrible because they havent wiped or washed their butt properly. this would help so much

Emma Wahid says:

Woowww Amazing

YouZettaSonsOfDigits says:

japanese toilet: clean heated seats, ass and vagina cleanser, massager, guaranteed a clean ass after use

american toilet: dirty, streak marks, toilet paper only, may have a dirty and itchy rash ass after use

Gd UnknownDashingX says:

There is some of the best technology in the world, and they use it for a toilet..

Gimme Rice says:

I got one too, amazingly the apartment I live in came with it (which is really surprising considering it’s uncommon in America). I love it so far

Keizer says:

My toilet is so outdated.

Ferry Ansony says:

I literally cannot find that kind of Toto toilet here

rbflowin says:

John ..please make a ..Only in South korea series.

A Cash says:

the thumbnail ugh

Chris says:

this guy is just too cheesy

Eesopsis says:

i have one at home

Rena S. says:

I have the same high tech toilet

紅の豚部屋 says:


Linda Bee says:

i have too many questions about this so I’m just not going to ask

Aniruddha Ashok says:

Those things are sold in other countries

Francisco Reis says:

thumbs up if it made you want to poo

smasher 71 says:

So a plumber should be a mechanic too?

Frank G. says:

I want one! Now!! 🙂

spyro socratous says:

its stupid

Sabatheus says:

5:54 Yes, I often look into a toilet like that…but usually it’s after a night of heavy drinking.

紅の豚部屋 says:


Leela Holland [Naturopath] says:

Thanks Guys! Just returned from first trip to Japan, and after the initial surprise and shock – loved the Japanese toilets. After being sprayed front and back, blow dryed, sung to, and deodorised – why would we go anywhere else! Sure beats the Aussie outback dunny – would give a few tourists a shock!
Kicking myself that stayed in Shinjuku and could have visited this toilet mecca! 😀

Ian Ma says:

i regret i didn’t try this when i was in japan, gotta go to japan again

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