People Use A Bidet For The First Time

“It’s like a massage for your anus”

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Little Havana
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TheCoolbriiz says:

what about wet wipes??

Bender Anglesmith says:

Ha! These peasants.

Wicked Gamer says:

This is Normal in Islam

Grace Casey says:

Dafuq is that?

Michael Jordan says:

1:43 to skip to the orgasm

komeng Xiong says:


Grace JT says:

My ritual is spray with water, wipe with tissue/toilet paper, wash hands. We use water in Indonesia to clean our private area.

zisis stip says:

“Any conversation about how a bidet works, wipe-wash, comparing bidet types, sanitation in private and public toilets, comfort, easiness in use, warm – cold water use, ways of wiping and washing, effectiveness, time spending in toilet, hand involvement, wet wipes, cost, etc, now with the appearance in market of the revolutionary KO BIDET, had become, if KO BIDET is not taken in account, irrelevant and out of date”.

Bio Bidet says:

We need more videos like this to help break the ice (or butts) of Americans so they too can try bidets.

Daniel Kang says:

In italy bidet is normal hahahah

riri r says:

Do they also not take a shower and just wipe their bodies with toilet paper?

strobe9 says:

This is gross. I mean how hygienic can it be coming from inside the toilet bowl ? I’ll just stick to my wet wipes for that clean and fresh feeling after going. It only takes a couple of them to do the job.

kanika nayan says:

everyone uses water in India

Tarek Faham says:

It’s mandatory to use water to wash after using the toilet, otherwise, we can’t pray.

Zenof Vlog says:

america use limited amount of water thats why we use toilet papers

Youssef mourad says:

I have a bidet in my house. When i go out somewhere and I have to poop but there is no bidet, it’s just the end of the world

Rey Pascual says:

Kleenex disliked this.

Lee Jay says:

I need one

Phantomhive Queen says:

This looks so weird

zisis stip says:

We, the millions of candidate victims of Acquired Hospital Infections, or Urinary Tract or other infections, or food poisoning, are anxious about the verdict of the now ongoing (?) research project t by Health World Institutes, about the critical question::
“Is toilet paper use related TO URINARY – ACQUIRED HOSPITAL INFECTIONS- FOOD MICROBIAL CONTAMINATION, GENERAL INFECTIONS ? Are we unintentionally disperse around the E. COLI and other microbes?
When somebody is using t. paper to wipe up, the cleaning is incomplete. A feces layer, full of dangerous microbes remains, which soon IS DRIED out and VAPORIZED, so these microbes overwhelm the near organs, especially in women and soon disperse to all house, and of course to our food. Soit is obvious that hand washing up is not enough.
The same and worse it applies to hospitals, where the often lethal in-hospital infections are not uncommon. It is then imperative for Health Services and medical staff to give a quick and clear answer to the above question. It is easy I think, for a Health Institute, in a laboratory to count the microbes number in a place, room or house, when the toilet paper is used, and when a good, 100% effective bidet.
This answer will enable doctors and staff to face microbes more effectively at their SOURCE. Otherwise they could be blamed for CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE .
In the mean time it is wise to use the 100% effective (thanks to VERTICAL jet), easy to use and install, with no hand involvement, low cost, KO BIDET, at least FOR HYGIENE SAFETY, comfort, aesthetics, dignity, simplicity, ecology, cleaning, economy.

Cubamus Prime says:

The dude with the black shirt looks like a male version of Stranger Things 11

TechTalk Mike says:

Forget the bidet, upgrade to a Toto Washlet! Don’t thank me now, thank me later.

Blake McCrary says:

In this video:

People who have literally never washed their assholes with a removable shower head/wand.

fortvna66 says:

How uncivilized does a person have to be NOT to like a bidet? It’s like saying you don’t like hygiene, gross!!!!

Patrick Peare says:

They are great…

Jose Paradiso says:

Dirty dirty americans

Cris Urban Jacques says:

I feel like americans think the bidet replaces toilet paper… no..? you’re supposed to wipe yourself thoroughly before and THEN use the bidet WITH SOAP, if you don’t you’re only splashing water on it, not cleaning it.

Steve Mata says:

Buzz feed seems to have the same” off the street” people in all their gigs.

Rony Ahmed says:

Best Bidet in Amazon – Simple and easy to install yourself

Daniel Rojas says:

Bidets are great and make clean up fast and easy! I got mine here

Butter Toast says:

The way it comes out makes me uncomfortable

Bender Anglesmith says:

Meanwhile most of japanese toilet already has these.

zisis stip says:

Nobody seems to believe it. Health magazines are not bothered to give any attention to it, forums remove the question, when I put it, medical staff is frowning upon it. It is treated as something being sinful, ever to hear or read about.
But science had already given its verdict upon the question. YES.
So stop prattling.

First Name says:

Listen to the white knight who only thinks men have an hairy arse, women do too you complete prat. I expect he has been watching too much porn where all women have a waxed arsehole

Tyler The Master says:


John Brogan says:

Lol, that one guy looked like Matt Damon

Aspasia 97 says:

Thank god i am italian

zisis stip says:

Electric and with an oblique water jet add-on bidet type and without a water pressure regulator? Not a clever and hygienic choice. There are cheaper and better ones.

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