My First Product Review: Toto Washlet Toilet


Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all had a high tech toilet?
I think so but things almost went wrong when while I doing this product review.

(I was in the ladies because I had just filmed the last scene with the Japanese girl and thought I could quickly finish my movie there. Probably not the best idea)

Thank you to Chris, Ayaka, Joana, Jacquelle, Daniel, Michael, Rachel and Keane for helping me doing this movie.

Also thank you to everyone who’s watching. I hope I’m making your Mondays better.

Songs included in this video (Exhilarate /
Bushwick Tarantella Loop /
Teller of Tales) were are downloaded from


Joseph says:

Almost $1,000 for a toilet seat??

Kowalakun X3 says:

LOL FAIL you can see its the mens bathroom when the girl opens the door, was funny doe

石井智之 says:


Orison says:

Caga nisso.

Dorian Banister says:

What if we wanted to see you naked tho…

ivo35 says:

amazing pedro

Old Yeller says:

See!  THIS is what’s going to happen if Pedophiles and Perverts and Rapists try to use the new Transgender Bathroom Laws to victimize Women by Illegally accessing Women’s Bathrooms, Locker Rooms and other Private Safe Spaces.

Seamus O'Dare says:

Ahahaha, what the heck, this was the most amazing product review I have ever seen. Your face of utter joy was priceless!

laghoable says:

He’s actually naked

Winter Addams says:

Are you from Portugal? Because you kinda have the accent.

Toilet Reviews says:

Interesting pictures.

Just Lily says:

hahaha so funny! This is hilarious! I cracked up at the naked comment haha Stop by my channel if you have a free moment 🙂

Danny Saldana says:

This man looks sexy

Heather Quinn says:

I like the bum gun. I like the sprayer

Angela Martin says:

my mom to rest

forever_lonely says:

its fun watching yr vdo



Taylor Kendricks says:

This guy is so freaking cute.I would have loved to be there to wipe his butt for him when he finished.

Nelson Chua says:

corniest, perverted vid.

qgmlwy says:

Why did that woman go in the men’s bathroom.

Bill Killernic says:

This seems so unhygienic really lol… I mean it goes under everybodys shitty asscrack and sprinkler water on it and because of Gravity that shit infested water with bits of shit comes down and hits that dildo looking sprinkler (and thats why it has a brownish yellow colour instead of white) and bacteria and shit stay on there as it retracts and multiply.. then it comes out again and sprinkles bacteria infested water from somebody else’s buttwhole to your buttwhole lol.

Abdul Qureshi says:

ahaha needed this laugh to start my workday.

AttnJack says:

Was the last girl an actress? If so, she’s damn good!

x core says:


Maria Ana M Gaivão says:

mais mais mais!

El Salvador Positivo says:

I like a lot, the end

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