Meet Japan’s high-tech toilets | First Class

Meet Japan’s high-tech toilets. CNBC’s Susan Li finds out how high tech these Japanese toilets can be.

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In this sneak peek of CNBC’s travel program “First Class”, Susan Li travels to Tokyo to find out more about the country’s “super toilet” which does everything automatically.

CNBC’s Susan Li takes you behind the velvet rope to show you the most exclusive destinations in town. Meet the players who are shaking up the local scene, and discover the hidden gems and ultimate indulgences.

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okan maras says:

*”My mother in law loves her fireplace >>>****  she said it is beautiful and it heats her apartment nicely.”*

Joseph Carr says:

*I love this fireplace >>>**** !!! Adds ton of ambiance to our living room!*

Avi Pharmd says:

I am looking to install a gas fireplace in my living room. You mentioned installing a fireplace below a TV (1:11). I was thinking of doing the same. However, I have been reading that its a bad idea that will lead to damaging the TV. Is there any way this can be done that you know of that will not expose the TV to heat?

emeeul says:

This is a very helpful video. Could you identify which models of fireplaces are in the video though?

Andrea Baxter says:

Or do what I do buy a 2nd hand 32 inch toshiba tv and pop in a usb with 5hrs flame effect fire. Mount the Tv inside your fireplace and play…cost 30 quid

mehrdadtafreshi1 says:

Just installed a Primo Heat and Glo gas fireplace with the vents going out the back wall
However these power vents make a loud noise which make it uncomfortable to turn the fireplace on. Can the power vent be turned off or can it be installed on the roof through the prior chimney? What do you advise.

psisky says:

I see a woman’s face in that fire on the right.

Kyle Ferris says:

I really hope she meant 50,000 yen

vera cappi says:

which gas fireplace would you recommend that give off a nice realistic flame but can also be put under the mounted tv?

Sgt.Grinner says:


Marvin the Maniac says:

“Every time I review a product or a commercial from Japan, the shit just keeps getting weirder and weirder!”

-Ray William Johnson

Michael Baker says:

Damn I love the Japanese.

Rolling sky modizen says:

Japanese toilets are way more better thin American toilets

b0red32 says:

love when 1080p isn’t 1080p GG CNBC

Art'uro TM says:

Mila Kunis on Craig Ferguson brought me here.

Like if same.

Type 2 unset diabeetus says:

Shithole country india is better with better technology and all ceos are indians in the world in america… Please stop joking cause space has been already launched in india unlike this shithole very dumb people… India like mumbai very clean and much cleaner and the cleanest in the world…. Media shows india ni toilet…they show negativity on india only trash and no good side… India can build a better technology toilet that you dumb peiole

Curry Boi says:


i cant stop dabbing says:


Haroun Ben says:

She’s yearning to try the “*Rolls Royce*” and take a big dump in front of the camera with no problem.

GADGET Singh says:

Useless technology is not technology

Mr Sandman says:

For people who don’t know how to open their seat

Rix Campbell says:


ON THE COT channel says:


Devashish Singh says:

On the name of technology they are killing earth

john d says:

All I have is a low end bidet. But after using it I will never ever go back to TP.

Jordan Al says:

very smart peoples

cute rat Lup says:

Very easy operation the system

Vid Mix says:

Japan takes this shit seriously

Sunny shah says:

This is just beyond unnecessary and ridiculous..

i need to get one

SittingOnToilet says:

oh lovely toilet, please wash my asshole :-)))))

aby simon says:

Do they actually sell ?

Khaos Inoculation says:

50 grand version isn’t worth it. There are great versions that are like $4,000 USD. Home depot has a $1000 USD version that is just as good as the ones that cost a ton. Its a good trick to label things way higher than they’re worth for the stupid people that got rich which is majority of the rich in USA these days because of entertainment being so valuable to people. Like in the movie idiocracy how a wrestler became president. 🙂

モレスキレネさん says:

Wow so luxury ☺

Miguel Ronne says:

Im imagine all the remaining shit when they clear your butt hit the cleaning steel (or pipe?) that comes out from the toilet.

So the next one to use your toilet will get the bacteria or the shit that stick with the steel will flush to your butt

Dan Farrar says:

She was so beautiful. Great smile

Mister L says:

add a button to serve you a food.

Odi says:

The thing I don’t like about these toilets is that they have a thing that comes out and shoot water into your bum

GCF says:

I’d love to shag that chick bent over the john.

Kay says:

Women will sit forever

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