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Meet Japan’s high-tech toilets. CNBC’s Susan Li finds out how high tech these Japanese toilets can be.

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In this sneak peek of CNBC’s travel program “First Class”, Susan Li travels to Tokyo to find out more about the country’s “super toilet” which does everything automatically.

CNBC’s Susan Li takes you behind the velvet rope to show you the most exclusive destinations in town. Meet the players who are shaking up the local scene, and discover the hidden gems and ultimate indulgences.

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Victor Du says:

Dear santa…

Sgt.Grinner says:


Come Ba says:

White boy better learn brow language

fan 38 awesome says:–GEz48 NEW TOILET. THE BEST

Ken Man says:

She should demonstrate.

WC says:



quite frankly I think it’s amazing and I would love to have a few in my house

Sean Armstrong says:

“welcome, i’m honored to accept your waste”

Kunal Raisinghani says:

all i wanted to do on YouTube was study and prepare for my math test tomorrow!! 30 mins later, i watched this 😛

Arjen Robben says:

these crazy japanese chicks

blood117 says:

Simpsons did it.

izayoi sakuya says:

Dear god where are we going lolz this made my day

Rolling sky modizen says:

Japanese toilets are way more better thin American toilets

Art'uro TM says:

Mila Kunis on Craig Ferguson brought me here.

Like if same.

văn đình trần says:

smart country

electrosec says:

Asians are ahead when it comes to toilets. I have installed a basic bidet

NewMarvels says:

Can I normally still take a shit?

Ash Ahmed says:

used this yesterday, so good and easy to use ))

Sadaf Amiri says:


Angel Guevara says:

Next Gen Shitting

Khaos Inoculation says:

50 grand version isn’t worth it. There are great versions that are like $4,000 USD. Home depot has a $1000 USD version that is just as good as the ones that cost a ton. Its a good trick to label things way higher than they’re worth for the stupid people that got rich which is majority of the rich in USA these days because of entertainment being so valuable to people. Like in the movie idiocracy how a wrestler became president. 🙂

rexking1333 says:

i came here cause of fifth harmony

SPB2727 aviation says:

Someone who is always constipated needs this

Mister L says:

add a button to serve you a food.

Vathsan - says:

flushing a year’s salary down the toilet

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