Kohler wants Alexa in your bathroom

We took a look inside Kohler’s Smart Home Experience Lab and what the 145-year old bathroom manufacturer is planning for the smart home.

Read the CNET review here – http://cnet.co/2m5Q9KY

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Dieter Rust says:

Alexa, Help me flush this massive shit away.

Keith Merrill says:

I want a hand held shower with temperature control on my cell phone

dbsirius says:

Love the Reggae music

LessThanHandy says:

Alexa, wash my ass. “Okay” ….Ouch! Too hot! Too hot!

bluecloud 099 says:

I am not letting Alexa on my butt today

Lisa Pritchard says:

Wonderful for disabled ppl.

820SOUTH says:

Can my toilet be hacked? Does the toilet come with a firewall?

The Gentleman Raptor says:

Kohler was so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Roger B says:

Oh good lord can’t even take a private shit anymore. If they put this in the white house it will fry the device from overload.

Richard Sandoz says:

Alexa, does my poop stink?

Tausiq Tentacion says:

Privacy to the finest

MemoGrafix says:

These are some nosy muthafuckas the only electronic I need/want in My bathroom is a light/fixture and a fan.
None of this infiltrating shit.

Technical Rezon says:


Kamil Zieba says:

“What does it do to enhance the user experience?” Absolutely nothing. Pointless tech, for naive people…

Raymond D says:

Power outlets everywhere, just what we need for better home design

Omar Elliott says:

Can Alex plunge the toilet

Ki Ji Hoon says:

I know this idea sounds weird, but this technology would be good for disabled people and also those who need to track their bladder and bowel movements due to illness. I think it’s clever.

ImaITman says:

Alexa, splash my tooshy with some warm whooshy

Kongolox says:

hello new molly 😀

Sprite says:

This channel is dead

Akintore Iroàs says:

Laziness at it’s best

Benjamin McCausland says:

The smart toliet is stupid

Sean Mangubat says:

Imagine yourself just chillin on the toilet, and suddenly it glitches out and the bidet feature starts vigorously squirting you back in a back and fourth motion.

ZIG ZAG Ground ZERO says:

Its a *Perverted* Massive Waste of ENERGY.

Em Jay says:

Millennials always pick the low-hanging fruit while standing on the shoulders of giants like the world is their avocado… Instead of doing something relevant to humanity they’re helping flush our toilets. Why? Because it’s easy, and curing cancer is hard. Particularly rich was the executive tool who said that they don’t do tech for the sake of tech… This was a perfect example of tech for the sake of tech.

GameTests says:

Me too

TonyQuackston says:

Me: “Alexa, please take care of my massive pile of poo.”
Alexa: “Okay; posting photos of your nasty turds to Instagram and Facebook.”

Topo Gio says:

Alexa turn on my toilet cam shhh

Kazora Money says:

This was better than any shit shown at CES

zenjo says:


Subscribe to Tyler Cassidy & Pewds says:

As Google assistant please

Max Ziebell says:

Alexa, please flush my Toilette
Adding Toilett-Paper to your shopping list.

Brandon Wright says:

A Remote controlled toilet lid? Give me a break!

GamingTV says:

alexa, please take a shit

Belongsinthetrash says:

Anyone else thinking that the toilet lid mechanism is unnecessarily complex?

Curtis J. Livingston, III says:

The BOLD LOOK® is getting smart…

820SOUTH says:

Alexa “I’m constipated, help me out”

Anthony Durant says:

I need alexa controlled window blinds, I haven’t seen a product like this yet we have smart locks smart vacuum cleaners smart lights and now smart toliets.. why not window blinds every house has plenty of them seems like a good investment to me

Akintore Iroàs says:

Laziness at it’s best

Mustard Gaming says:

That toilet is so low to the ground how the he’ll anyone that’s not a kid can sit on that.

Dennis Dowd says:

You are loading up the Wi-Fi in the home, and of course how secure are this devices going to be? I am for all this but it has to done correctly.

Adam A says:

I want The Kitchen Faucet, Would be wonderful for recipes and such And Eliminate measuring cups for water! likely also a huge waste but I like it!, Tub and shower i Love as well. I like the Smart Home Mirror, Just wishing it was Google In My bathroom Not Alexa

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