Kohler Veil Intelligent Skirted One-Piece Elongated Bidet Toilet


With its flowing and immaculately balanced curves, the Veil one-piece toilet with integrated bidet functionality epitomizes minimalist and ergonomic design. Its sculpted core provides a suite of precision features finely tuned to offer optimum hygiene and ultimate individual comfort, from bidet personal cleansing to an LED nightlight to hands-free opening and closing. All of the features are easy to control on a touchscreen LCD remote control.


Markus E says:

The world is without question getting more and more Stupid, and some technologies make it evident. We don’t pass stool the same all the time and this water streaming and spray will, it does splatter your feces to parts of your ass that you will have shit on you until you shower. Brainlessness is taking over many people’s minds, evident of pop culture stupidity becoming most people’s main source for intellect. The toilets that hang from the walls instead of the bowl sitting from the ground up, get loose and fall off walls–which is why we see some that have been installed with a leg under it. Just because it looks “cool” it doesn’t mean it’s better. “For some reason most Americans are afraid of it…”? I just told you why. While I agree the waste of paper does bother me, it is NOT better skin care.

Patricia Lumley says:

Please tell me where I can purchase this toilet. I have searched and it is exactly what I want.

Cecilia Narvaez says:

El proceso de instalacion de suelo como es

sanitary ware SMOOW says:

very nice

quantumphaser says:

Totally worth the $3500 for something you will enjoy every day. When I remodel my master bath this summer this baby is going in. Wall mount model is friggin dope. I’m tall and I can install that exactly at the height I need.

Antonio Vazquez says:


NeWx89 says:

Meh, it’s still uses water instead of sonic vibrations.

/star trek reference..

Martin Taylor says:

“when technology meets my butthole”

Mike Mosakoski says:

Get ready to get those mufflers nice and clean, no more wiping with toilet paper, the bidet is back bitches!!!

WhirlWind says:

The Apple Toilet

Tuan H says:

Wow, thats one high tech toilet lol.

fukuuu says:

1:43 spiral on that booty hole.

Cecilia Narvaez says:

necesitamos el proyecto de instalacion y su tecnology del baño al vapor

Random Stuff In Oregon says:

I prefer my big vintage toilets that use ridiculous amounts of water, but this is still cool!

Castaway says:

How much is the wall mounted model?

jeegar pape says:

Should call it iToilet

unclealand says:

For those who really cherish bowel movements.

Moses Florida says:

I really wanna take a shit in that toilet so bad

ckildegaard says:

I’m afraid to ask how the green pinwheel comes into play!

tr763 says:

poo poo’s never felt soooo good. what happens when i drop my phone in the toilet?

Tadesan says:

“I am honored to accept your waste.”
– The Simpsons

Steve Larmor says:

Yeah, a shitter in the city!

ckildegaard says:

sorry, wrong video

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