Kohler NUMI Toilet

Checking out the $6500 Kohler toilet in a showroom. This thing is bad ass!


Kaliraj P Mahalingam says:


GrimReapaa says:

does the 6.5k include the installation fee?

Dweeb The Pebble Johnny says:

Dear Santa, …………

N64 GC says:

prolly water proof lol

Levente Berry says:

Whats the name of the jazz song that played?

DetroitLove4U says:

One could store beer in there with ice.

Tia Demery says:

Slogan: A mobile toilet! Only for lazy hoes!

mrtoejamandearl says:


Matthew Schmitz says:

just so u all know the price went down on the toilet its now for $4,212.00 at home depot

Reza Tahmasbi says:

what the hell is this forrrrrr?
why dont u make some thing to suck and drive cocks ??????

HiFiReviewer says:


Michael Lin says:

I would invest one if it would wipe for me!

alex Perez says:

$6500? Holy shit

monalisa goswami says:

it’s 6,50,000 INR :/

MultiCloney says:

what if the remote is out of power ?!

Truyardy says:


thegamguy121 says:

And remote NOT included & $600 for remote!!!

bdk316 says:


Popalata Gaming says:

Every man needs that toilet

Michael Khan says:

kind of pointless considering i only take 3 minute dumps, but if it cleans itself then shit, i fux wit it

psycopolarbear says:

Shut up and take my money

John Silverman says:

I like the super toilet in the related videos better. Look at all of those hot dogs you can flush. Im going to go check that one out, I hope they flush some baby carrots.

Sean Van Trieste says:

Shut up and take my money.

ChoraChannel says:

Its a missuse of human time and resources that could have been used for greater purpouses.

Edward Enard says:

now this is taking shit to a whole another level

vh9network says:

man if I was rich. I would have me one of these.

Morty Smith says:

just dig a fucking hole and shit fuck this overpriced porcelain

JereBear 3 says:

I want it

Enis Abdili says:

who the fuck has time to use a remote to open and close a toilet? Like WTF!

DJ_ NotNice says:

That toilet looks so uncomfortable

MajesticBaldEagle96 says:

Its the world’s newest forward-trap toilet!

Dobby HasNoMaster says:

the only reason i’m here is becuz i wanted to know why miley bet for this toilet…seriously?? :O she could ask for nothing else?? :O

nouveapunk says:

miley cyrus brought me here.

Jason Templeman says:

Ok where can I get that toilet at and for how much ?

uturasmith says:

Sorry, but your camera sucks

pro duudz says:

TOILET SMARTPHONE it looks like one LOL and the toilet is very nice someone told me its 6K USD tho which is super expensive Might not be worth it >.<

RuneR96 says:

Holy Shit

Nathan King says:

Now, what if that motorized top-opening feature fails, especially when someone needs to take a crap real bad and they’re rushing to the toilet in desperation for that one moment when they can relax and let it all come out?  Is there a manual-opening backup feature?  In addition, why would anyone want to spend six thousand dollars for a stupid toilet anyway?

Annie (° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °) says:

this is weird….my school is named after toilets O_O

Alamin Dhali says:

Why? do you have constipation? See a doctor. Ha Ha….

CharlieRocksPiano says:

its waterproof, and it’s bigger than the toilet drain hole.

Robert Scott says:

thats so fucking awesome

Militant Pacifist says:

The commercial for the new one is so awkward, yet so presentable and formal.

Rosemary Lucy Cosentino Canadian Fine Artist says:

so going to the loo will also take longer because u have to play with a dirty infected remote. Another behbelle to charge, update and deal with and pray you don’t drop into the toilet. When you have to go, you have to go. There is NO time to wait for the toilet to open and fiddle with a remote while you are puking or who knows what else. Unreal. I can only think this is a cool gadget for guests who have time to “ooooo and ahhhhhhh” at your innovative ways to spend your cash. Flushing does not look powerful. Only thing I like is the integrated bidet however you cannot have toilet water with it’s germs spraying on your privates as you will indefinitely catch UTI’s day in and day out. Feces have insane amounts of bacteria that once they come intocontact on/in your urethra areas causes Urinary tract infections. Does anyone research these things before making them?

Wilberforce says:

nice toilet, but the guy is a dork for laughing

The sky is falling because tomatoes are really annoying. says:

who needs a luxury hole to take a shit on?

ArresHDGaming says:

A Toilet really

Saud Siddiqui says:

Has mankind gone crazy?! 6.5K for a household fixture to dispose off something not even worth a cent?????? :-/

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