Kohler Numi High Tech Toilet

The Numi from Kohler is a brand new toilet that costs $6400. The Numi is the definition of luxury and features a fold-out design and an external full-color touch-screen device that controls seat temperature, water pressure, radio stations, and more. The Numi will be available later this year.

The video is a promotional video from Kohler.


marekmaxpabianice says:

fuck me… i am happy i do not work for this company… pathetic

matthew newton says:

Wait wait wait!!! Why the fuck is there a touch remote? And what happens when the power gos out? And why does it have wifi or Bluetooth that’s hackable. Some1 hacks that toilet your shit out of luck (heuk Heuk)

kfili says:

But you would touch the flush button/lever on a normal toilet.

Will J says:

Yeah! I want one to put in the middle of my surrounding window living room in my penthouse and use it!

HaasGrotesk says:

Looks like a damn trash can! I just want to take a shit! Not fly to space!

Andrew says:

…Why is it in the living room near a window!?

Hailbop says:

yeah because i want people to walk into my bathroom and be like..”umm wheres your toilet?” and im going to have to tell them it looks like a trash can! and..i am NOT touching that remote! i would also probably lose it O_O, and also to imagine drunk people using it xD i think thats the only thing i want to see of it.

siaisjack says:

does it have a camera on that shower head,so you can check your ass has been proerly cleaned?

Lee Mulcahy, artist says:

The comments below are hilarious.  But I can’t help being excited for the arrival of the Numi.  Some may wonder why would you put that in public housing?  First of all, we gotta be grateful.  I’m thankful to God for giving me a house to raise funds for political office in one of the most beautiful valleys on Earth.  Secondly, I’m white trash & I appreciate USA craftsmanship.  Kohler is like Subzero & Viking.  Proud.  American.  Long lasting.  Repairable.  I built a spa downstairs below my garage and the rule is go to NUMI before getting wet. #Aspen Skiing Paul Crown and her poodle,  MIke Kaplan, eat your … heart out. xoxo And http://www.leemulcahy.com

Filthy Liar says:

That bidet sliding into place, so lewd.

0rezinlv says:

Meanwhile in Somalia…

juan rodriguez says:

i will wait for the itoilet.

Hosito1454 says:

I loooooveeee it , dear Santa, that’s the difference between a toiet and a crapper

Andrii Soroka says:


dwes49 says:

Sweet, does it have a built in ashtray and coffee holder?

phanpiggy says:

Taking a shit just got a lot more high-tec.

mrmeatymeatball says:

I can’t wait to shit in that

Dana Moonfire says:

Proof that there are so many decadent assholes in the world and that civilization is living on borrowed time. $5000…, really. Stupid humans.

Jugs says:

Anyone else anxiously waiting for the guy or girl to dramatically sit down and take a shit?

Egidio says:

Question, what happens if the electronics fail??what happens  if you have to  do # 2 or worse #1 are you still able to flush?Just wondering.

No No says:

It needs a keyboard to texting

katie vaughan says:

Oh boy! Gotta have one of those.

Danielle Spargo says:

I would lose that remote in under a week and be left with a 7000$ companion cube.

ТоД says:

You can cut yourself on that thing…

sara french says:


LEDtherebelight says:

I already got one and it’s called a smartphone

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