Japanese Toilet Flushes Via Smartphone

New Japanese toilets flush via smartphones.

No aspect of our life is untouched by technology.

A new bathroom line include toilets that can be flushed via a Bluetooth equipped smart phone.

The Japan-based company, Lixil is behind these technology induced toilets and will be releasing three new models during the Spring of 2013. Using an application for Android phones, toilet users can not only flush, but lift the seats by picking up their phone.

The application also allows owners to see their previous….well, no other way to put it….. toilet history to monitor electricity and water consumption. There is a diary of sorts too, which allows people to keep track of lavatory visits and in turn keep a closer eye on potential health problems.

Music can also be streamed, as the toilets contain built- in speakers.

A bizarre smart phone application, dubbed iPoo has many features including a map that shows you where other users of the app are currently using the bathroom near you. iPoo’s website describes the app as “a social community that brings together pooers from around the world. Write messages, draw graffiti, earn points and badges, see what others are posting – all while dropping a deuce!”


swagonmyass says:

pooers from around the world

longbeach225 says:

Dead battery toilet ain’t flushing.

j d says:


liveisafunnyway says:

well.. :S

Yusuf says:

dafuq did I just watch.

Matthew Valadez says:

I think that’s dumb cuz some ppl drop their phone in the toilet or you just going to get germs on your phone

Rage_fighter of_Light says:

Why re-invent the wheels again? LEARN TO FLUSH IT YOURSELF

M says:

How did get so bored to go and watch a video about toilets

William Turner says:

very sanitary you only touch your phone everything else is automated

Morph Verse says:

Owh, crazy ass Japanese 😛

supernightslash says:

Is it THAT hard to just lift up a seat cover with your hands, do your business, and then flush WITH YOU HANDS? Useless invention they’ve made.

jtmjtm2001 says:

All it needs is the “one touch call a plumber” feature just in case the toilet gets plugged by a big turd!

Jose Angel Hernandez Calderon says:

Fuck! i forgot my Phone

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