Iota – Folding Toilet

This toilet was design by Elliott Whiteley and Gareth Humphreys whilst studying Product Design at The University of Huddersfield

This animation has been produced to show the main advantages and workings of this new innovative toilet. The main advantage of using animation for such an application is to give a working example of the toilet which would otherwise not be seen. The assembly process has also been explained here to give potential customers an idea of how to install the product.

Patent Pending


easyneos says:

if you leave it open rats will access your home,does not have camel neck. USELESS.

dimos k says:

thats really “innovative”
they took the classic toilet which is a very simple 1 piece design, and turned it into a complicated machine with moving parts, which actually solves no issue whatsoever. it is supposed to save water, but the construction of all these parts probably cause more polution anyway
and whats the point of saving space if you need to leave it empty for it to unfold anyway?

Jaylonh320 says:

imagine going to a house and u see that toilet. but u thing its some type of high-end fidget spinner so that one person breaks it. lol

Tzanis Pal says:

nice one and if the cylinder stucks you shit in your pants

huddersfield3d says:

It is just an idea, from two students at the University of Huddersfield, Product Design course. There are issues to be solved but well presented and executed project. 1/3 of a million visitors fantastic, Well done

topbadgun says:

cloggggging worst nightmare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giorgos Gkatas says:

χεσιμο με πολυ νοημα!!!


Show us when it’s flooded..

martropical1 says:

song of the video please some one  knows?

Mike Rotch says:

So extremely stupid and pointless. Good example of over engineering to solve issues that don’t exist.
 Want to bring pooping to the next level?   Try get rid of the drinking water and bleached paper

Shawn Ravenfire says:

Does it come with three seashells?

the youngblood batsaihan says:

it’s wasting water too much, do some eco things,! Also men problem just pee 😛

Scarlet Diseño & arquitectura says:

un nuevo concepto del sanitarios 

fff fff says:

А если он забился, то трындец?
И таки да, если на него сядет тело кг так 120, то он сразу поломается или  постепенно О_о
 И правильно ли я понял, что его надо постоянно трогать руками?

Vassiliki Mathioudaki says:

Συγχαρητήρια στους καινοτόμους νέους αλλά, παίδες, έχω κάποιες απορίες:

1) Iota απο το Παναγιώτα;
2) Στο βίντεο σας πρόσεξα ότι χρησιμοποιήσατε γυναίκα καθήμενη στην “έξυπνη”
     λεκάνη σας, γιατί δεν βάλατε έναν άντρα;
Απλές καθημερινές λεπτομέρειες που μας υπενθυμίζουν την σεξιστική κοινωνία στην οποία ζούμε, ευχαριστούμε μάγκες.

Υ.Γ: Όσο για το σχήμα φαλλού που έχει η “πλάτη” της τουαλέτας θα το παραβλέψω        μια και το αποσβένει το μικρό της μέγεθος…τσακάλια φαντάζομαι δεν  υπολογίζατε τέτοιο συνειρμό…     

Visarat Ali says:

very good technology

yiset Hong says:


GOX says:


游宥善 says:


TheNewGreenIsBlue says:

Only one problem. Why is it in the bathroom? toilets should have their own room/closet… this whole business of putting it in the same room that you clean yourself has to STOP! LOL.

AutoSave says:

ppl are dying from thirst and we use up to 17 liters of water to wash our crap away….god damn civilized society….

Aurélio de Almeida says:


vsmusicify says:

How much, where and when can we buy it ?

tristian khajuraho says:

nice song whats the name ? 

H Siu says:

Over complicating a problem that was never there.

CosWeLL says:

Это шедевр!

Morph Verse says:

I’m very concerned with the hygiene problem..

Brickdinosaurjimmy says:

This idea was stolen from T-Dubs. You owe him money for stealing his invention, the Foilet.

DC CHAM says:

This beat is tight!!

Cynthia Bushnell says:

This toilet design, for its purpose, is clever BUT it is obvious from all but a very few toilet designs that the designers do not clean their bathrooms on a regular basis, including this ‘revolutionary’ one. There is no real need for there to be ANY floor space between the back of the base and the wall. Look at the dark wedge of space this one leaves, and imagine the fun you’ll have trying to get it clean. You’ll have to get down on your knees to do so. Male designers of toilets need to have their mothers vet them for easy-upkeep factors.

xorkatoss says:

yeah and the price? 500 each? lol also our toilet systems are bad and totally wrong, we should not be sitting like that!

Goran P says:

cmmon guys, who cares about gravity aganst the dirth on top of the toilet while folded and where would those piss drops go, or sudden disfunction of the folding mechanism (in “critical moment”?! maybe… :))) Anyway, it also has hudge pro, like… pets cant drink from it coz its folded xD

Александр Орловский says:


Zdravko Barisic says:

Great design!
I am glad I am not the only one who contemplate toilets!
Also, check this one, for all those with rectum problems!

Gandrabura Vitalie says:

Pleath halpe to finde about that song!!! Verry nice muzic

Ej Obuks says:

It’s an idea worth working on further because space continues to be issue for architects designing urban homes…especially in densely populated metros across the world. I should think the designers will take in all these observations as they keep remodelling to meet users needs and taste. It’s a novel design i think. 

Cindy L says:

One thing, when a man drips or dribbles on the seat or sides, won’t it make a worse mess to clean?

Dulce Paes says:

Damn. You have the possibility to show the design of a product at its best environment and you decided to make the most horrible bathroom ever. You might don’t see it but everething sells, even the scene around the main subject.

Aaron Hart says:

it looks weird.

Nathan Ashmore says:

I would personally like to see the flushing process amplified so that it’s a strong jet of water to force all the water into the sewer. Also, the folding idea has a lot of flaws that were mentioned earlier in the comments. Leaking sewer gas and the issue with clogs. It wouldn’t be a pretty sight at all. This needs some serious rethinking and redesigning.

Graydon Buchleiter says:

Like on firefly.

Matt G says:

vraiment bien cette invention. bravo aux étudiants qui l’ont fabriqué. malheureusement pas encore médiatisé ni commercialisé… dommage

BoxCat Games says:

Hey! You used our music! We would appreciate if you could at least link back to us… toilet commercial people!

Christopher Lynch says:

Yeah too many flaws wired toilet

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