How to survive in Japanese toilets

Learn how to use (and survive) Japanese toilets.

Japan – a country of fantastic innovations and high tech.
About 80% of the nation’s households own one of the devices that prove Japan’s technical advancement, desire for optimization and difference in culture. Their Washlets or electronic bidets have been introduced by TOTO in 1980 and since taken the country by storm, revolutionizing the way toilets are used.

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bluewhite figure says:


Exitoz says:

Toilet slippers? Amazing

Thor in Box says:

Nice video very helpful and good!! I have a question is it hard to look for somewhere to live there if your a foreigner in Japan?

Allys Tejero says:

Wow! That so clean toilet


How to get driving licence in jp

Blacksheep says:

I first saw one of these in the early 80s. I was playing around with one and hit the BIDET mode for the ladies for rinsing the vjj. Watched a probe telescope out slowly and got a face full of warm water, panicked and hit all the buttons looking for STOP.
Best part, seat warmer function and ass blow dryer.
No more jungle butt.


Easy way to come and live jp

Nick Shead says:

Your accent? You have this sort of half German, half Japanese accent. Am I correct about this or close?

jameel jamal says:

Panasonic is best

Clyde in Japan! says:

Japanese Toilets are quite the enigma! That said, do *NOT* under-estimate the value of the slippers.
Those slippers are the real deal, lol.

Nice video JJ! Looking forward to your next one! (Perhaps you’ll tackle a squatty-potty? 和式) lol

Sumeyra Yavuz says:

toilet slippers and bidet strongly similar in Turkey our manual plus squad toilets are best for health

Zaleries says:


Nina T says:

Technik hin oder her. Was ich nie verstanden habe ist, dass es in Japan auf öffentlichen Toiletten fast nie Klobürsten gab. Warum?


How to get job in japan working holiday visa

caatabatic says:

How do I unplug it?

Riza Shahril Abdul Razak says:

i came from imgur

garry ermoloff says:

Very cool and good information video!

mo1979ca says:


Blank B says:

This was really informative. Thank you! Hope I can go to Japan someday.

Shavinism says:

I kind of want this toilet now.

ThroatSore says:

simple and understandable. Arigato gosiumas ☺

Tdoc says:

Nice video i like it X)

Chuck Norris says:

Such advanced technology for a country that has been nuked…..twice.

BadW01f 2 says:

what’s with the slippers

Alvin Lim says:

whats the song at 0;07?

Deep Boss says:

I want this toilet

mrtodd3620 says:

How effective is the spray for the butt? Is paper necessary afterwards?

Kevin Abroad says:

Ahahahahahah that video was so funny. Like for me going to the toilet has always been something simple. But in Japan it feels like if I press the wrong button something bad will happen. But I guess as long as I know the kanji for ookii and chiisai then I will be fine? ahah. Also I feel the first time I’ll get my oshiri washed it’ll be… weird. Joke aside, that’s actually a very useful video.

adisbern tv says:

He is so handsome.

rosebudforglory says:

I have never heard of one not having a dryer with warm air. PROBABLY they also didn’t adjust the water to warm also. AND it’s so funny they didn’t get the bidet is for women in the front part, wash is for butt part and for men. Now don’t ask me about what happens with men’s other parts as to which works best. These are reslly nice and very clean – once you have used and tested you will find for 99% of the time, you will be sll nice and clean. American bidets with out the japanese features just wash and you have to dry with paper. Thank goodness the japanese are smart. Some of these have lights, music, etc to help you,relax and not have to turn bright lights on in middle of night. I think they are cool. You can buy washolets seats here and install but they of course need electrical and plumbing so ai think it is better to splurge amd get the whole toilet. I have used one of the seat types and they don’t quite work as well. Also like the sink that reuses the water you wash your hands with to reuse for flush. Japanese have bathtub and washing machines that connect that use the bath water to wash the clothes (fresh to rinse). We may think thats wierd but yiu habe to remember Japanese onky use a bath to relax in AFTER they have showed and are clean. Same as you shower and clean before using hot tub or swim spa.


I’m watching on a japanesse toto

Tenzin Bhutia says:

Japan is unbelievable !!!!

Jim Williams says:

That was excellent! I think I would be able to use a bidet now. But that changing sandals thing has got to go. Do the Japanese make it a habit of getting poop on their shoes? 😀 jk

CaptureYouVideo says:

Faarrrrrrrrrrk – the line up at toilets must go on and on and on for ever ? ??? ?? At this rate, each person needs like 9 minutes in the toilet ??? Get real !

violacheya says:

hui jo fast 17-tausend

Jim Lee says:

Should toilet paper be used?
If so, when? (before wash and/or after wash)

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