First Ever Smart Toilet – It’s Watching You!!

This is the World’s most expensive smart toilet Toto Neorest.


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StoneysWorkshop says:

bwahhahahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!! this is tooooo much hahahha

reminds me of crocodile dundee

Brexit Monger says:

Now wash your index finger!!

Danni Osgood says:

Oh my word! I’d pee myself before I could figure out how to get the lid up!!! Heated seat? That would a been nice to have in the ol’ poop house out back in the dead of winter! LOL


WOW…maybe I need to get out more.  I didn’t know such a thing existed!! thanks for the vid.  funny

rahj21 says:

Mr Countrymouse I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Thanks

Karl Pearson says:

So, did you price the little wonder for the cabin? They probably deliver, perform setup, and then come back to verify you are happy with it. All the way from Japan no less.

I’m not going to sink to the level of punning the fun out of this either. There’s just too much of those movements in these comment threads already for someone of my advanced years to just drop in and think I’d be able to make any kind of splash worthy of this marvelous video.

One thing I’m wondering though is if you let it go back to Kansas. There’s a little girl in a bed somewhere missing it.

espymall says:

Check this professional toilet, I just get it for 1000 bucks!! Cheaper than the original price on website for 450 bucks!! The price is negotiable !!

Leonardokite says:

I bought a toilet seat conversion made by the same company Toto. You just replace your old seat, hook up the water and plug it in. It is called a washlet. There are other good brands also. We love it! One of the best things I ever purchased. Great for people on septic that tend to use a lot of toilet paper. You need to use very little toilet paper, or zero if you are patient with the dryer. I stayed at a hotel last week and was so glad to get back to my Toto. (why do all hotels use such ruff TP?)

Thrifty Garage says:

This video is probably one of my favorites!

Κώστας Κατσούλης says:

Guys becarefull! i was in tokyo in a hotel with a smart toilet like this, after the poo poo i press the button to clean my buthole and the water pressure was so high who made my buthole to bleed! that made me to call an ambulance and go to the hospital!

Terry Schmidt says:

How did I miss this video. I am in love.

Johnie Blaze says:

I’ve seen self cleaning toilets that even rotate to clean the covers

Bruce Scott says:

Holy smokes ! The smart toilet has it’s own willy that pops out and pees back at you .

Sudipta Das says:

I found Japanese toilets r the best

Roman Brichka says:


The Frustrated Gardener says:

ROFL!!! You are so entertaining!!

Louis Nemick says:

I need one

TheLoneWolf1124 says:

in fancy hotel, toilet pees on you.

Sophiamia says:

LOLING.. That’s what you call a French foot wash!!

Treyce Mccrery says:

This is such a great video!

Only TheEssentials says:

Does it plunge itself too??? All joking aside, I bet that thing is a godsend for someone in a wheelchair.

kristoffer ljungberg says:

old news. japan have hade this for years

Bill McLaughlin says:

You know your geeking out right?

T Dubb says:

How the world ever did without ,-)

s Buzz says:

in s fl i’ve installed electric to these totos on gfi of coarse or a real shock in the !#@$
to many movements check the price for a loo.
the tanks in the wall with access — be hind —
heat seat up north maybe, butt ill clean my own as long as i can.

victor castle says:

Thanks for sharing this . Like a lot of people read about them and heard about them from my son, but never saw one work.

Braxx Juventa says:

Now that toilet is nonsense….

sericss says:

a common household item in Japan

tponn says:

Holy crap (no pun intended) dude, those buggers go for $5,000!!!

Jim M says:

Toilet FIZZ???

Michael Foye says:

A garage door opener, a hand dryer and a toilet re-envisioned through the mind of a Japanese fetishist..

711ATOM says:

I’ve used them for literally decades. The first one I got bought was on a trip to California in 1992, the late summer after the riots. It caused a little bit a commotion at the airport when I was bringing it back to Massachusetts. After a couple of years somehow a local tv station found out about it and talked to us about doing a report, but they cancelled because Americans are embarrassed to talk about normal bodily functions. It’s a caveman version by today’s standards, no heated seat, but it does have a dryer. My newer one has a bidet function (the aim is a little different!), oscillating function (the water, not the seat!) wand self-cleaning, and a timer for the heated seat. They have been amazingly reliable. I still have the first one working in the half-bathroom, and it has worked perfectly for nearly a quarter century.

Pam Haynes says:

Reminds me of a toilet in the Frankfurt airport, in the Lufthansa business class lounge. It washed itself after it flushed. The seat actually changed shapes and it changed out the plastic cover around the ring. I took a video too because it was so amazing.

Sudipta Das says:

nw a days toilets r made of gold.

Casey Rutledge says:

old video but still in advertising for that toilet, ” so smart this toilet pees on you”

thrillzonevideos says:

No doubt the CIA has access to that toilet.

Epic Army Of One says:

oh goodness. may’s well take a shower up in that thang

COWs of Suffolk says:

What can I say…..

bud moore says:

That is so cool i want one does it have a built in plunger?

Nick A. says:


Crazy Nate says:

ROFL!!!! That toilet though! Looked like a droid from starwars

Manime says:

ive herd of peeing in a toilet, but never herd of a toilet peeing on you…….

Marc Law says:

A robotic bog with arse warmer.

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