Figuring out a Japanese Toilet

Japanese toilets can be intimidating, but fear not, through some trial and error we figure them out for you.

Toilet seats… so nice and warm!

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-LEViACkerman- says:

do you still need to wash your hands even using the bum sprayer?WOW WHAT A LOGIC

みねふじこ says:


Saige Chastain says:

People in Japan when water hits there butt:Lalalalalal

PopcornTopcorn says:

Do Japanese ppl not use toilet paper?

rabia khan says:

Cool i want a japanese bathroom

Kennedey Geraty says:

So when you wash ur hands u wash it with pre water I’m confused?

Chuma Mqeta says:

Japan is so cool everything about it is amazing

oskie lista says:

That is not a japanese toilet
Japanese toilets is a squat toilet

Katie X says:

We need this in london

Girly Gamer says:

1:06 i know that

Kelly - House of Aqua says:

I live in America and I relive I’m using the the toilet while watching this.

Jason Jayawardena says:

She’s adorable.

Mrs Hopwinkle says:

I’m disturbed by the lack of soap…

Rebecca Chow says:

Why do you want make videos about toilet

slimes glore!!!!!! says:

The Wall looks like the corlor of nendo:I also am from Japan and live in Japan

deeknsty says:

put your face in front of it! lol

bow ties are cool says:

That’s awesome

Syd Wifi says:

Have u guys done Japanese hotels yet let me know plz

xoxo_ lover says:

Watches part where you get heat on the toilet
Packs bags and moves to japan….

kitana touch says:

Wait the man that records is your dad???

TMN VlogZ says:

Amazing!!! I subscribed!!!

Plumgun says:

Oh she was so tiny!!

DIY Slime says:

I didn’t know that’s how the dad looked, I expected him to look Japanese

Anushka Kulkarni says:

I wish I had a toilet like that you know.

Kat_Bagui17 says:


Clara Baldine says:

Those toilets are luxury

Lps Aspiritcat aj says:

*you spray the water imside the hum if u have poo* (。>﹏<。) *Lets wash our bum* ( ゚д゚) *this is me dad and he is gonna test the bum sprayer* ヽ(^。^)ノ

Tony The PenguinArcher says:

1:10 The best explanation of the bathroom buttons jk

sa says:

weird Japanese toilet! lol

Mary Rodenbeek says:

I could watch her all day! So cute!

Mimikyu Winchester says:

Japanese toilets are smarter than me.

Purple DolphinHD says:

Why do u wash ur hands with poo water

Leonardo di parma says:

Big difference from Japanese toilet to the squat toilet from China where most people don’t even know how to use a regular toilet , some even squat on top of a western toilet lol

Fierce Omega says:

We need this in America!!!

Corey Anderson says:

Is that toilet water that you’re washing your hands with that’s just nasty

Ameena G says:

I wish I were Japanese

Chris Wisdom says:

Meanwhile in japanese “We godda be smarter then this toilet”

Aylivia B. says:

Wish they had that in America

Xenojink says:

One time when we were in a hotel in japan. I needed to use the bathroom, but I pressed the wrong button (and I was standing up at this point) and water sprayed everywhere and the whole room was soaking wet. XD

Muskaan Sinha says:

Oh We don’t have these fancy buttons but we do have taps for bum sprayers. Here we call it jet spray.

AJ The RPG gamer says:

My dream toilet

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