Easy Toilet Backpacking Hack

A hack so easy you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before. A very easy method to construct a primitive toilet making that process much easier while backpacking.


Michael Connell says:

I’ve gotta try this for my next tactical session in the woods. MRE’s don’t suit me… Thanks bro.

BlueRidgeMarine says:

she’s as cute as a button Crocket. I like the low impact of that set up. Good video. Thumbing-Up!

Scouting Free says:

Nice, simple and effective! Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Marc

762x35mm says:

Aaahhh! who needs ’em?

you should just leave the girls and women at home, where they belong anyways!
you know… doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.

I can see the hate messages coming already.
I’m just kidding, folks.

but, seriously… leave them at home.
they are nothing but a good time killer, while camping!

DrZ says:

how practical! And guys sometimes need time to sit and “think” also.

Joe Stubbernubbensteingenson says:

Make sure that sucker’s planted deep in the ground… wouldn’t want it to tip over at the worst time!

illyounotme says:

Yep these work great and I add them in if I am staying in a camp more than a couple days or have a large amount of people I am camping with.

Another great thing to do, is to add a little grab bar in front of the seat. Something you can hold onto to help you back up, or in case you feel like you might tip over backward.

Enrique Sonora says:

Appears to be a great way to be the hero at the camp. Brilliant tip. My wife will love this, plus a chair!

snakemonkey555 says:

Great idea! I would reinforce the back with a Y branch just to make sure. Don’t want to fall backwards into some of that warm chocolate pudding! Lol!

s0nnyburnett says:

The ladies love it.
Crocket’s port-o-john: 5/5 stars on yelp “He knows how to show the ladies a good time.”

TheEZGZ says:

Ya need to leave a branch for the rabbit skin TP. LOL

Gun Sense (drmaudio) says:

A general camp chair, sure, but preferably not at the same time.

CampfireTalk says:

Yep : )

Gray Man says:

You know I was getting ready to poo-poo the idea (ahem)…but the more I think about it, the more I like it. When breaking camp just toss the sticks in the fire ring (if there is one) for the next hikers who use the camp. Very cool idea.

John Seven says:


Tcarp says:

Good idea man!!!

jcnme2020 ooo says:

Excellent camp tip, Thank you Sir.

Sidewayyys says:

i prefer the squat and drop method 😉 nice, easy chair though

Drew Shaw says:

“Well…not show you….” haha

TheTacticalDefender says:

Fantastic idea!

BeachBow says:

My wife and daughter have never complained about doing their business in the woods. Just make sure they take some tissues along! LOL!

mister smith says:

Don’t know why, but this video reminds me of the Beavis and Butthead movie!!!

Rich Allfieldnohit says:

Patent it, trademark it, get it ready for market.
The only thing left is the name…
okay, I’m gonna stop now 🙂

Monica Jones says:

brillant, love it

neutered10mm says:

Pissing post instead of hitching post … nicely done sir!

David Baird says:

Have to keep the girls happy. 😉

The Late Boy Scout says:

I remember the one you built on that trip during the summer. Agreed, it’s very useful for the ladies in camp. I also like that it’s not the least bit complicated to build. Just 3 good logs and some lashing. I suppose in a pinch you could even leave the ends un-sharpened, and just use your feet to keep your balance. More portable that way too.

Walter Palmer says:

Splinters?  I’ll get the tweezers.  Wait, not so fast !!!


my tank crew always have a porta potty chair aboard our m1 abrams.

mysciencenow says:

general camp chair

Felix Elizondo says:

Great video! Thanks crocket

John Lord says:

Aw crap! I wanted to see you backpack (thats what the words say …) a ceramic toilet and use as such, and have a campfire seat.

AG Survival says:

man that is awesome! nothing worse then our ladies complaining…especially when it’s valid. Glad to know I can fix this issue in the future. Lol…great idea!

Eric Jesperson says:

Good idea! What’s the name or model of that front pack thing?

Ben Romney says:

What a great idea! I was wondering how to solve that problem just last night. Thank you.

IntenseAngler says:

Nice and simple.. yet certainly useful. Will definitely take care of “business”. Thanks for sparing us a demo btw… 😉

Mok in the Backcountry says:


Len R. says:

I don’t get it

Canesser says:

Perfect! Like the idea Crocket, another keeper.

RWS says:

I would be a bit more creative and build a teeter totter flapper crapper… why not spread the fun around?

Hunts4Food67 says:

Very cool idea, thanks for sharing.

Sean Duncan says:

Way to look out for your ladies Crocket! Great vid and great way to make them more comfortable and more apt to join on the trips. I personally never thought of it and and will be adding it to my camp prep when females are along.

Machi74005 says:

I just grab on to a tree and lean back.

05generic says:

Very good idea. Thanks.

Sarah Stone says:

no offense but this is really dumb. squatting down is the proper way to relieve oneself. this device you’ve created takes away from that natural process.. if you want to easily go to the bathroom and get all your waste out it is recommended to squat down not sit like you are using a toilet. this is why the squatty potty was invented, to keep that natural stance while in nature. however, even the squatty potty doesn’t work as good as just squatting down naturally. i can only see this device being useful for somebody who can’t hold themselves up, but as far as being in nature and being too high maintenance that is just silly.

Hector Alicea says:

I love the idea…..for me it will be good considering the arthritic knees.

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