Dog Using Toilet Compilation


Jhon Base says:

How do u train him

Anti Marshmello says:

These dogs are smart

muf muf says:

she has her own potty seat! how cute!

Trabzonlu Atakan says:

Thats dope

Heathen Wolf says: For all who want to teach your dog, I found this video. I didn’t watch it though, FYI.

Super awesome ian says:

Why did I say meow I was just out of control

Joylyn Smith says:

Oh wow this is amazing! You really can teach your animals yo do anything. So awesome! I have to train my dog to do this….

lunar says:

people have been asking me what i even do when i stay up so late… it’s this.

Anita shrestha says:

WTF!!! They r really using toilet. I need to teach my dog this trick

Tucker Casillas says:

A 2 minute long piss… oof.

Tobiyyah says:

Incredible. How long it takes to do this?

Ruth A says:

Bad dog i thought i told you quit pissing on the toliet seat

April Atkinson says:

that dog is better in aiming than some humans 😀

Johnny Rockit says:

This dog is smarter than mist of my co workers

Kay3aPllAyz says:

I wish my dog Sasha could do this cuz im tired of waiting for her to finish using the bathroom, and it’s really hot outside so she takes even longer…….
But she is a Bichon Maltese so she would probably fall in the toilet :p

Chrysanthemum Munatsi says:

these dogs are freakin’ awesome!

Josh Luz says:

no like for me?

Jhon Base says:

In how many days u train them

Tuber 3D says:

I wish

Mary Chen says:


Darrell Eloge says:

When I get that dogs ought to treats is I’m happy about the dog is a giver mall to kisses is that dog still we want dog I know ID is the toilet

Maddie Ellerby says:

Waiting for the ‘dogs falling in the toilet’ compilation

Selena Turrey says:


Aakansha Kapil says:

Awesome can I teach my doh

Alex Chhay says:

Ug I still can’t get my dog not to poop over the edge of his current potty.

Rajae says:


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