CuteWinFail: Monkey Toilet Win

A monkey uses the bathroom like a human.

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Christopher Franklin says:

Looks like Cheetah prefers the hand wipe method.

DPRK song, movie, moranbong band, ski tour, trip says:

Cute chimp! They are really smart.

DrealonB TV says:


ZombieFetish says:



Raquel Reyes says:


WalrusLover says:

that monkey must be fake?

Pam Picknell says:

What about teaching her to wash her hands. Specially when she wiped her hands with the dirty toilet paper LoL

Lena W says:

That is an ape (a chimpanzee to be specific). Not a monkey.

J Wag says:

how old is the chimp in this video? this is awesome that you got this thing to go on the toilet.

J.R. Taylor says:

come on dad, where is the sports section? :p

ElectricWave4424 says:

Shouldn’t have chimp as pet , smaller monkeys ok but not a chimp, bad idea .

Gary Latendresse says:

I would love to get an orphaned baby and raise it, have all the materials needed to let it grow up with natural instinct characteristics so it can carry on like it would have in the jungle. My heart so full of love

lim eddie says:

98% human….2% makes lots of difference i guess 🙂

Jessica Mika says:

The classic wipe and smell

phoenixmar says:

I’m sorry, but please google “Woman gets face ripped off by Chimp” to see the “problem”. That chimp was given a ‘loving home’, ‘looked after properly’ and ‘given plenty of exercise and fun things to do’. As adults, chimpanzees are insanely strong and aggressive animals that are completely unsuited to being treated like a “pet”. The one in this video is a baby. All movie chimps are babies. They grow up and need to be re-homed. It’s tragic. 🙁

Tonya S. says:

LoL he said. Your better then some girls i use to date, they use to drip dry…

Michael Ellis says:


ColorBlast123 says:


PossumCheckers says:

This guy seems creepy…

Pamela May says:


Wm. Shultzie says:

Fuckin kill it!

Michal Smith says:


Бобислав says:

that’s because most the people here are retarded toby fans.

Chriz says:

he smelt the papper when she wiped, but no privecy dislike

Zoretta Guillory says:

chimps are smart but she smelled herself I guess at the the end of the day she still an animal. I heard they are not aggressive and they love more when they are raised with humans,

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