Crazy glass toilet door at Cafe Diglas, Vienna, Austria

This toilet door is clear glass, until you lock the door. Then it turns cloudy, and a No Entry sign is projected on the door. Cafe Diglas is great – you’d just better hope that the toilet door doesn’t fail while you’re sitting in there!


MarkmBha says:

Very cool, but unnerving.

khoirus sobri says:

anyone knows who made this?

bia1289 says:

they have these all over the world.

Mr.EDM says:

Like a boss!

uutuber431 says:

thats really cool. i would make everyone watch me poop.

Zenon Samuels says:

Best bit!!!

But what happens if you try to lock the door while its open?

trapazza says:


latrinenazi says:

why ?
Whats wrong with laminated chipboard ?

Jiří Šlégr says:

Dafuq Is This Shit?? 😀

Some Pleb says:

So the stench of the last person’s shit can linger in the closed stall longer???

Dan Popa says:

La parte bella e che se venisse a mancare la corrente…

psycho826 says:

you dont? you’re not living life on the edge then

Дмитрий says:


bradnugget says:

Okay. So…why? What is the point?

uEpicPhaiL says:


Raffaele says:

next summer: go to Cafe Diglas only for use the wc

Valentin Rosciano says:


Miniroll says:

Now you can imagine someone hiding in there, then accidentally turning the lock whilst squeezing one out and showing whoever is standing outside XD

Rossco000 says:

This glass has been around since the mid 90’s. Nothing new.

anonymous118 says:

the little thing that says “occupied” or “vacant” also works

autosaver says:

Would you rather it linger in the hallway? :p

Thomas McNugget says:

Why would you be masturbating in a public toilet?

Rafa Mir says:

whats the point??

Valentin Rosciano says:

no, este es un ivdrio especial nuevo, que con una propiedad quimica hace que se ponga de esa forma… ESE vidrio tiene un nombre… no recuerdo “glass ALGO” vienen con investigaciones desde hace 6 o 7 anios pero este ya tiene aplicaciones para lo banios y lugares asi, despues con propiedades similares la BMW ya tiene la patente de un sistema que polariza o despolariza los vidrios del auto con solo apretar un boton, PERO no funciona perfecto, por eso no salio todavia

Hero Jay Luo says:

Good job

F3LDK0CH says:

Hey Ian tis is quite common in German offices. The glas is made of Chrystals that is getting murky when you are leading electricity through it

SolidBlues9 says:

you can tell if it’s occupied or not..

Aimee Dixon says:

I’d have so much fun with those doors

signal6000 says:

What if some one hack the circuit board pf the door?

Gormanmod says:

It’s technology and looks cool. Why else?

Reirock14 says:

If I were that guy I would fart like there’s no tomorrow!

PipLeaf says:

Why doesn’t it make sense? If it’s clear, the stall is available. When foggy, it’s occupied. The benefit is that the door can remain closed at all times instead of lamely hanging open like regular stall.s

AlonePopTart says:


James Raymond says:

These must be rather expensive to run, as this glass works by passing an electric current through some kind of “liquid crystal film” to align crystals to make the glass clear. However, no need to worry about it failing, it’d just be permanently frosted.

desjaraah says:

put a stripe of scotch tape on the glass and you can see through

Xilef Ldöl says:

diglas has the one of the best desserts i have ever tasted!!! 😀 and the portions are sooo big 😀

Michael Macauley says:

No entry.

RanAka20101 says:


Baraa Tawafsheh says:

يا حبيبي لو عند العرب هاد كتير بضل زابط :p

MinMax123 says:

Now wouldn’t that suck in a power outage

buenavistaboys says:

so cool

xKriZ765x says:

Haha, no but I have watched previous ones, and ive stayed in a beech house with what was essentially a wall made of this stuff. Stupidly expensive, yet, very cool.

Rogues says:


Luis Santos says:

electrochromic glass. check switchlite privacy glass or privalite by saint-gobain glass

Nate072 says:

Plot twist, it is only opaque from the inside looking out.

SolidBlues9 says:

hey man, i didn’t great this..

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