Crave – Smart toilet seat bids bye-bye to bad smells, Ep. 173

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This week on Crave, we explore a smart bag that nags you when you move too far away from it, and a smart toilet seat that protects you from bad smells. Plus, we get a look at CodeSpells, a video game that aims to inspire kids to code. All that and much more on this week’s Crave podcast.


Travis Davids says:

Aaaaah, will those toilets run with android? Can you download apps for your toilet? I want to play a game about pooping while i’m pooping. That sounds revolutionary. 

Incertus Veritas says:

Damn that toilette would be a great neighborly thing to own, just direct that shit smell through the wall… 

Alkiviadisman says:

About the back with the battery, your sources are wrong. There was a backpack some years ago called The Power bag and had a 6,000 mAH battery. Now that can’t charge a laptop but one nice edition is that it has all the charging cables for all smartphones (expect the lighting cable for iPhone 5 and 5s). I still use it for school and it is awesome. Unfortunately the company closed and you can only get one though amazon for about 100$ for the business bag that has the 6,000 mAH battery. There are also other bags that are smaller and feature a 3,000 aAH battery. Everyone should totally check this back out. P.S. This is not an advertisement. I am just spreading the word because not many people know this back even exists.

Kevin Lee says:

or you can pick up air re-freshener from walmart for a dollar? 

PussMag says:

finally, shit that smells good

PulpComic says:

First prank needs to be venting the shitter into the apartment next door.

Razor2048 says:

Who ever came up with the pricing for that bad should really stop doing  drugs. a bluetooth module with GPIO cost less than $3, and and 20,000-30,000 mAh of li-ion battery capacity can be purchased for less than $20. and a DC to DC boost converter that can handle 60+ watts can be had for under $10.

water resistant materials used in that bag are cheap, a $10 book bag that I got from a random discount store had the water resistant material and water resistant zippers (I keep things like water bottles and food in a separate bag from my main laptop bag since I do not want the bulge from the bottle pressing against my tablet.

Overall, that bag would be better off being sold for $60-70, especially considering that after around 3 years or so, the battery will no longer hold much of a charge, thus defeating the main purpose of the bag, and i do not see that company listing the exact battery they are using so that users can eventually swap the battery when it no longer holds a charge.

ulta man says:

Soft-close toilet cover been out for ages now (not to mentioned its pretty common too).. suprisingly CNET saying it like its new..

On the toilet smell.. exhaust fans for toilets another common things been around for ages…

The person who so-called “invent” that smart toilet didn’t really research much huh… ^^;

Pingu Rares says:

Exactly what I needed: A 180$ ‘smart’ toilet that does exactly what an air refresher does. 

It would be ‘smart’ if it would actually connect to the Oculus Rift and let you play super amazing futuristic games while having a dump. Yeah….. but that is just too ‘futuristic’ I guess…

NismoFury says:

We don’t give a CRAP… These high tech toilets are common regular standard toilets in korea & japan.

Mr C says:

I like the smart bag but seriously, if you waste any money on that toilet seat that stops your shit from stinking then you belong in a rubber room.

vaiol123 says:

Isn’t the fresh air plus just a toto washlet minus the bidet?

ennisel says:

This thing is, if people eat correctly their toilet business would not be stanking to the extendet they’ll have to have exterminators

JaySee5 says:

Wrong about the Phorce. They already announced MUCH higher prices for it.

The toilet seat is nothing new or innovative. There are already seats that do those functions AND MORE from Korea and Japan.

Grottysteel says:

Are you shitting me

Openfacefont says:

Donald Bell needs to review that toilet 

DigitalYojimbo says:

Lame kickstarter stuff

Razor2048 says:

The toilet seat seems like a good idea but only if it is properly venting outside of the house and not just into a wall or ceiling.
 though for the price, no one will buy it, and anti slam toilet seat cost less than $20, and adding a small micro switch or capacitive sensor to a object is very cheap (generally less than $1 for a few of them on ebay), and then adding a small blower style fan is very cheap. (they are likely using the 12V DC brushless blower fans made by delta (around $5 each)

SCtester says:

Cool. (:

jervazz hammond says:

The world is going to depend on electronics everything I mean I understand futuristic and everything but a smart toilet?

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