Bill Gates Thinks These Toilets Could Change The World

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A flushing toilet, hooked up to a fresh water supply and a stable sewage line, is something many people in the modern world take for granted. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 2.3 billion people don’t have access to the basic sanitation afforded by modern plumbing. But all those people still turn food into waste, and that waste still has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, without plumbing, it ends up going pretty much everywhere you don’t want it to go, including into soil or into bodies of water, sometimes causing the rapid spread of nasty and potentially fatal diseases. This problem weighs on the minds of plenty of people, including some of the crusading heads of charitable foundations and some of the world’s most inventive scientists, who have been trying to solve the problem of poop and make widespread sanitation possible. In the latter category, for example, there’s Bill Gates…

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Real ThaMaskRapper says:

Oh please u know how much money tha government has to spend on that crap and how much things they wolll raise in prices ppl dont think a project like that would cost more then 80 racks

Sebastian 0113 says:

It won’t change the world, it will change how I shit

Soviet Mapper says:

he should have a factory called flush factory

Enigma_420 says:

what about diarrhea cant really burn that can you? too liquidy

Caleb and Daniel CHICKEN NUGGETS says:

Ok now I’m not pooping anymore

Trending Games •••• says:

While Bill Gates doing billions of dollars im here watching toilet…

mike shramowiat says:

Total weirdo

nouman ahmad says:


Their Teammate says:

Anyone else say a JoJo reference at 3:49?

alisha Dawn says:

3rd world countries even in Ghana wont use it or in africa these people won’t even use condoms let alone care

Max Collins says:

What we need is a space station that has a large furnace that we put large amounts of waste, rubbish etc that we smelt down to small amounts and let go in space, hopefully in a direction towards a black hole

SpongeBoob says:

Or just give them shovels so they can bury their crap so it not on the streets.

the real PewDiPie says:

This toilet had 8GB of ram with Windows 10 os and 234GB SSD

Grunge says:

What other global sanitation issues should be improved?

Pineapple On Pizza says:

I’m watching this on a toilet

Samad Syed says:


Desolo Zantas says:

How do you clean it?

none none says:

Billy boy don’t think he takes orders.

Me in L says:

I don’t poop, what I need to do ?

Tim Custer says:

Can see this toilet breaking down like a car

jev says:

Like the regg classe

wes man says:

Ass windows

God Makoto says:

1:31 The born of a meme?

Pokzer Pozer says:

Is this the undertale was realistic guy?

Michael Nevemore says:

Just force human to shit 2 times a week by law and the amount of shit will decrease by 50%, and this revolution keep going on human no longer need to poop anymore, it recycle into our own body, mark my word it will happens

brandon wright says:

India could just stop being a bunch of nasty fuckers shitting in rivers

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