Bill Gates Is Backing The Waterless Toilet Of The Future

In developing countries, access to public utilities like running water and sewer systems are often not available. The lack of those resources leads to unsanitary conditions that can put people’s lives at risk. Researchers at Cranfield University hope to put an end to that with the waterless Nano Membrane Toilet. The design has so much potential to change lives that it’s been backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Palas Redes says:

Hay un problema con el que no han contado. Yo tengo un WC con bomba trituradora, porque está mas bajo que el desagüe de la calle. Siempre funciona bien, hasta que se atasca… y siempre es por lo mismo. Un jod*d* hueso de oliva. Al parecer es habitual que los niños se coman las olivas con el hueso y ya os digo que da “asquito” tener que desarmarlo todo para desatascar el huesecito…

Alex Cortes says:

Cuando haces poop ya no hay stop jajaja

Terry Valdez says:

So, I empty myself; and I empty the toilet. That sounds efficient :/

The Mighty Jimmy says:

But can it open doors like Big Bird?

Khemji says:

Add The Toilet To The Waterless Places And Keep Peeing On The Toilet, That’s How We Save Waterless Places.

Jay Ringel says:

That item reminds me of the fictional Big City Toilet as seen in YTPs.

Юра Муха says:

Why are people so obsessed with burning everything? More gas+less fertilizer=less life on this planet.

Ed Evans says:

Burn the turds with what? People that live in conditions like this can’t afford to burn turds let alone afford a Western Crap Idea. Billy Gates is a 100% Douch Bag. If he can’t make a quit from poverty he begins a cry session. What a ant man.

SystemGene says:


Switch J says:

Rip poop

Fernando Le says:

this thing should b everywhere

AVATARXapaxa Video Production says:

But how do i wipe my ass?
i need that spraying thing

Easter Gamer says:

So it basically separates my poo and grinds it down.
Really I would not spend money on it.
Instead bill gates should do something to stop toilet paper getting wasted.
Cause Americans and europeans waste a lot of it .
They probably wipe their ass more times than you breathe in a day

Miguel Ortiz says:

Blue screen preddic

Noneshere says:

Terrible Idea, its plastic with too many parts to break + burning the manure is a agriculture waste.

Juarez Fernandes says:

What about diarrhea?

Erkhem Banzragch says:

There will be will black poops stuck in the toilet

Eniken says:

Ох, бедные сантехники, которые будут чинить эту штуку

Hyden says:

So… is this not an expensive, high-tech version of just shitting in a hole and cleaning it out later?

Toronto Vacation says:

It’s a very good idea. There’s lots of villages that doesn’t have sewer system. Thanks.

reviewer that doesn't even review says:

“Going to a bathroom has never been more high tech”
Have you ever been to Japan?

Acc Test says:

FUTURE IS CREATED!! Wait isn’t that just a airplane toilet?

Islomjon Yunusov says:

What a whole waste of time/money

LinkinPark4Ever1996 says:

Looks bad… the combustion now will add even more pollution and we’re already full of it…
How will it burn? Fossil fuel or solar power? Remember your target was poor families…

exos cool says:

So the shit gets stuck

blurNNesess says:

But it can run fortnite?

nze says:

Watering plants from human waste? Good luck with that stupid bill gates, even if its filtered and goes through watermelon or cantalope, you get salmonela or other shit

Peroxydisulfate says:

what about the smell of poop that destroys your nostrils ??

Mxter says:

– Ate at Taco Bell
– Use the toilet
– Close the lid
– The bowl turns 270 degrees
– Sh1t stay sticked to the bowl
– Nothing happened.

TeaWai says:

Surely this kind of toilet won’t last very long with or without repairs.
seems very expensive in the long run.

President Donald J Trump says:

You still need toilet paper low IQ Bill Gates.

Adam DiMaggio says:

I Have a few questions.. ??? Biggest 1. is … What do they do about the Smell ???? Shit Stinks… #2…. do they need electricity to start the fire ? or gas?? if its going to a country they dont have much water im sure they dont have gas/ electricity or money to buy or hook one up..??? … 3.. How Dirty / wet do u get getting the recycled water/ ash out ?? 4…. HOW MUCH ARE THE FILTERS when they need to be changed ???

Colin Tan says:

Bill Gates should sell his toilets to Crazy Rich Indians instead.

That_random_guy says:

1971:I bet well have flying cars in the future


Anonymous L says:

not everyone shits rabbit shit (small ball shit)

Hamilton 68 says:

Soo…… It flushes it self?

Julissa DC says:

I like it when people people try to change things to help others

Geneva Ayte says:

I’m waiting for hole-less asses.

AngelGeeks says:

Wonder what the viability of a toilet which when closed would expose the deposited feces to a large group of omnivorous dung beetles or earthworms, etc. which would be concealed in a large non inescapable chamber where the feces would be consumed.
An alternative system could be developed to separate the urine with the nitrogen and phosphorous extracted for fertilizer use. I’m sure some genius will figure out something that can work with existing and relatively free resources.

Constuctive Critisism says:

I’d hate to have to fix that thing

o o says:

1:21 Couldnt that water be used for flushing the solid waste

Ralph Stewart says:

Does Bill have one?

Amir Faris says:

what about sticky poop? how to wash it without water?

ZoreX says:

so in future poops turn into pebbles while coming out of the ass

808RektProductions says:

That’s nice to know that I’ll have a place to melt my iron to make my Iron Sword while I’m takin a dump

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