Bill Gates Backs the Waterless Toilet

The waterless toilet was developed by Cranfield University
The toilet was developed for use in countries that doesn’t have running water.
This toilet doesn’t smell which is a result of multiple actions that go on beneath the toilet once the lid is closed
-A set of gears within the toilet are turned when the lid is closed, these gears rotate the basin where the fecal delight was deposited.
-The waste falls into a holding chamber where a swipe blade wipes the inside of the holding basin
-The solids drop down to the bottom, and the liquid floats to the top
-An archimedes screw carries the waste upwards where it gets rolled into pellets that drop into a combustor and are burned
-The combustor on the toilet will be on all the time but will require an initial source of power to get it going. The team had an initial idea of attaching a hand crank or a bicycle to generate the power needed but recently scrapped that idea. A solar panel could be installed above the toilet but that wouldn’t be very cost effective. The team has other ideas they are still working through to solve this issue.
-The poop ash that is accumulated from the combustor needs to be removed once a week
-The liquid floats through a set of pipes that are above the combustor
-The liquid is heated and passed through a set of 4 membrane bundles that purifies the water
-This purified water drips down to the bottom where it travels to and is stored in the front step of the toilet
-This water while purified isn’t clean enough to drink but it can be used in the garden to grow plants as well as for cleaning
-This waterless toilet needs to be serviced every 3 months, the 4 membranes need to be replaced to continue to purify the water
-So now you have the full overview of this toilet what problems do you guys foresee with this invention?
-The only thing I’m going to say is that I’m sure the swipe blade will wipe most of the poop out of the holding basin, you know there’s gonna be some nasty skip marks in there.
In reality though places in the world where people have real struggles in life, a skip mark isn’t one of them.


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DK Knight says:

not eco at all

goldbear says:

Why not use the purified urine water to wash off dem skidmarks? I know some folks who BLOW DAT SHIT UP!!

Lee Benstead says:

99 problems but the skid mark ain’t one

Ashok Sachde says:

*Somebody can translate it in hindi language ?*

Happy Dappy says:

Just dig hole, after poop put ash, on top

ahmed boutaflika says:

What’s that music name in the background once you start talking ?

costa del sol says:

Dem Skiddddddddddzzz!!

Silver 8pool says:

I think u r jumped to the final step ..u need energy to function d buster its not suitable 4 the therd world..its ok if u start with less water as long as people need it to clean up ..n zoom in how to get red of the waste .

chris barr says:

810.000 dollars worth of funding and this is the result?

Bill Lui says:

What is the plan for post consumer waste (the membranes) are they recyclable or refurbish-able? The Keurig K cups created a massive increase in landfill material. We need a cradle to grave plan with no waste. Although, this a great start to improving the planet and the standard of living for the earth’s inhabitants

dragonlaughing says:

The filters aren’t going to work in the developing world. This is a high tech toilet for the city.

Adamu Sani says:

It means if someone goes to public toilets and ease himself he should be paid according to the weight of his deposit in the toilet so that he can go and eat more food with the money and come back again to the toilet for another “recircling”.

Lipton Icetea says:

I’m not sure the screw of Archemedes would roll the turds into pellets.. but then I’m not a student at Cranfield University

Potato says:

I feel like eventually it will start to smell and get dirty tho…

Sandy Rene' says:

To power this device what is needed is a foot pump. Or a pump like the ones used to pump water from the well. A few good pumps should power this thing without too much difficulty.

TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness says:

WAY to complicated for third world use. Sounds like an NGO scam and some one will buy a bunch and they will last a couple of months and then poof! They are gone. There is a reason they call these countries “shit holes”, because that’s really the best way to get rid of it.

chris barr says:

Built one yesterday took 4hrs and it separates the urine from waste, uses a solar still and you can brush it clean, envolves a kick plate to move waste, no springs simple mechanics.

chris barr says:

I could to better and Im a fool.

How to Plumbing says:

I think it is a great Idia and heading in the right direction, But I feel that the maintenance of the toilet will become an issue for many. in the world, we are living in today. One more thing to keep up with will send us over the edge. One could only imagine the cost. But all and all we do need to come up with an awesome toilet that will work without water. And I like that Mr. Bill Gates understand’s. As a plumber, I do see the need for a toilet like this.

Štefan Németh says:

According to the animation is suitable for goats and rabbits.

Chevyman 30-30 says:

well besides the skid marks there’s the filters that’ll cost I’d say 20$ each and if you have the runs it’ll clog up the system somehow as for the external power supply a bike powered crane is good because there’s no big demand for cars out there as well and the lid opening mechanism just leave it out

wow I am nit picking this to death

McKenna Pavich says:

that sounds like a lot of maintenance, for a germaphobe and busy mom like me, I wouldn’t trust the ” purified water part” enough to do anything except water my flowers with and again, the maintenance seems like one more thing for me to do.. years down the road I wonder how plumbing jobs will look with all the inventions and new technology going on? then again there will probably be a drone for everything one day too and I might not even have to maintenance the toilet LOL

judithtaylormayo says:

It is a good start. I cannot help but feel that it is still too complicated. Hopefully they will come up with even a more simple mechanism. How does one extract the water from the step below the toilet?

Nelson Baietti says:

shitty idea…
money down the toilet!

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