Amazing Japanese toilet


Rod says:

I want to poop on it

Sn0w Ballz says:

There are toilets similar to this in san francisco

robert jackson says:

so thats how the three sea shells work

Gamay Beaujolais says:

are those public toilet available everywhere in Japan???

Shel says:

is this a toilet or a space ship that’s about to get to Mars?

Y says:


Nikki Budders says:

I was expecting a hole in the ground toilet which foreigners fall into because they can’t squat.

Dysphem says:

I’m watching this while I’m on my toilet….

Tabatha Creedence says:

If the door opens automatically while defecating, we’re going to be panic.

Jen says:

Did I miss where you can wash your hands?

Amit Hotchandani says:

do shit in respect way hahaha



樋口天良 says:


Meera Me says:

Amazing! I don’t understand why it has so many dislikes.

Sean says:

I would be thrilled to drop a log in one of those, awesome!

Spekii says:

Holy shit this was 3 days before the earthquake happened.

よし 96 says:



black razor212 says:

i love japan

giku hina says:

I’m Japanese
It’s not common

15263748 says:

Seems Japanese people give more importance to shit than money.

Musiknird says:

We have the same type of toilets in Sweden aswell. It’s superconvinient and clean. It cleans and desinfects everything. Even the floors, walls and sink. Love it!

Suruchi S says:

Automatic seat-washing in a public toilet, thats awesome!

IcyFlame says:

It’s pretty.

D She says:

Did you wash your hands?

Don Avan says:

doesn’t look like this toilet works out for people who would have to have a double or even maybe a triple flush shit with them seat arms disappearing.

Evelyn Beveraggi says:

not interested

Cheers Mate says:

There is a button in there that when pushed it will help you with your math homework.

Francisco Reis says:

it remindes me of dragonball bulma capsule

HelloMyNameIsDick says:

Jesus Christ…I can’t believe I haven’t seen one comment about how about some f*cking toilet seat covers here…I might just crawl back into my hole of 18 years and never use public bathrooms again…America you are gross.

Selin Dilmen says:

Bruh this sh*t’s scarier than an airplane bathroom

Pepe's bodega says:

Hotel? Trivago

Matias Carpio says:

I promised myself to hold my poop until I get home

레넥톤 says:

난다 고노 최첨단 시스템와 야리스기자나 고레~

VertX says:

“Western Style”

Christy Gunwaldsen says:

Anybody here from Jenna?

Elma Lin says:

Mhm i need instructions to use the toilet

Izabelle Guzman says:


YO !!! MENSEN !! says:


Kerry K says:

The seat is unattractive and worn looking. Stainless steel would be better, if colder. Maybe titanium.

723lion says:

i used it once, its nicte and clean, but the smells is always there due high traffic and its weird going in and out

bert w says:

I say, check the “automatic toilet seat” (hydraulic)

Joseph DiSandro says:

You should be able to test dump the toilets at Home Depot before you buy one otherwise you have to bring it back for a refund.


why would you touch it with your hands?

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