According To Science : Right way to sit on a TOILET and you’ve been doing it WRONG your whole life.

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The Correct Way Of Sitting On Toilet. You’ve Been Doing It Wrong or You’ve Been Pooping All Wrong in Hindi

People know how to eat, how to sleep, how to cry, to say garbage, such a whole lot of things.
But there are many people in the world today who do not know how they should sit in toilet? Do you know about it? Which is the best way to sit in the toilet? Because most people sit in a wrong place, which is very harmful for your health.

Perhaps you have never noticed what position you should sit in the Western toilet.

It is equally important to know about this because the Western toilet(restroom) had problems like hemorrhoids, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, and appendicitis and even heart attacks.

And these problems started after the flush toilet came, which was invented by Sir John Harrington in the late 16th century. But during the 19th century it started to be used extensively, and in today’s time India has started using it.

The doctor also explains that: “If you want proof about it then there is a lot of evidence that we need to change the way we sit in the Western toilet, which changes the composition of the body.

In 90 degree conditions, your natural intestines are closed.

Position of 35 degrees which is a very different position. This is the position when people go to the forest for toilet, and this is the situation in many cultures of the world.

So the countries of the Western world, which is a developed country, most of the people sit in defaecate position. While most people in developing countries sit in squatting position.

So the question here is that in which position should you sit?

If you sit in this position, then this part of your body will become tired, then you may have understood the point that in this way you will have to exercise more power. Because this part of your portion will not be exposed more, and if you put more force, then the inside side has a wall called the colon, which has a lot of loss, so sometimes people have colon cancer.

If you completed this work in this position then you did this work against the rule of physics. This is the worst condition because of their persuasion, this can lead to constipation, irritable intestines, hemorrhoids, and even colon cancer, which we have talked about.

if you sit in this position then your part will be quite straightforward, so that you will not have to take any more power. And you can do your work easily, and if you do not trust me then try it once and see.

And in today’s times Indian people have started to prefer Western restrooms, which can lead to problems for you later.

And the doctor also says that “If you have a Western toilet in your house then you can sit in this position by placing your feet on a box or stool.

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abey yaar hadh kr diya tumne……ab toilet products baithna bhi tum sikhao ge……..wht a joke, seriously .

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