21 Most Unbelievable Toilets

Who would have thought that people would take the normal everyday toilet and create it into something CRAZY? Here are 21 of the most unbelievable toilets.

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14 – If it’s yellow, let it mellow…
This remote loo is found in West Antarctica! According to a few sites, people in Antarctica collect their urine in bottles and at the end of the day, the urine is put into a U Drum. These outhouses are for number 2’s only, and the waste goes into packet which lines a bin. When that’s full, its closed off and put on a ship where it’s disposed of properly.

13 – Bathroom visits will never be the same…
After using this bathroom at Madarao Kogen Mountain Resort, you may never want to use your own ordinary bathroom again. If you’re not into heights, this one may not be for you – as they have printed an image surrounding the cubicle – to look like you’re about to head downwards with your skis perfectly in place!

12 – Sitting pretty…
This King Tut Toilet looks like it’s really only fit for Royalty! The word Toilet is a French word, which was first recorded in 1540. It came from Toilette, meaning little cloth – which was the little cloth placed over people shoulders when they had their hair cut. The word evolved to include grooming and body care, and eventually referred to a room where people groomed, and finally to conclude where did their “business”.

11 – Shy bladder syndrome…
Now this is truly a bizarre toilet! These loos are found in Switzerland… and the occupant can see out at everything happening around him or her, but no one can see in. It was designed by Monica Bonvicini, who uses 1-way glass to create this unique effect. Just on a side note, the inside of the loo has to be kept dark, so as not to allow light to pass through. The moment it’s lit, well your business is on public display, in the worst way possible.

10 – Up for a little fun?
Who says going to the loo has to be boring! These Super Mario urinals are just the thing to add an element of fun to an otherwise mundane activity.

9 – Sitting on the throne…
This toilet takes you back in time and it’s been credited to Sir John Harrington, who designed the first toilet that would take away the need of tossing excrement manually. His Godmother was Queen Elizabeth the 1st, and she had one installed in Richmond palace in 1596. Wastes were flushed into a waste pot, which had to be emptied often.

8 – Royal Flush…
Statistics have said that the average person spends about 3 years of their life sitting on the loo, so why not bling it up a little with this beautiful sparkly toilet! Might set you back a few thousand dollars, but you’ll definitely feel like a royal sitting on this throne.

7 – Quick in and out…
This is one look you’re not going to be spending 3 years sitting on! Interesting to note, a student in Florida did a test on the Ice one finds in restaurants, and the water from a toilet bowl, and was horrified to discover that the ice in the restaurant contained more germs than the water in the toilet bowl!

6 – Nothing to see here…
A quirky addition to the men’s bathroom! Studies have proven that during the half time of the Super Bowl, is when the most number of toilets are flushed at one time. It would be interesting to note how much water is used during that time.

5 – An odd bit of toilet humour?
This is just bizarre, not only is it a bit creepy – but the added mirrors on either side are just strange too. Is it necessary to view yourself from every angle whilst taking a leak?

4 – Comfort is the order of the day…
Now our statistic from earlier of 3 years might change, because if this was your toilet – you would be spending way longer there, then the average 3 years. A survey conducted in 1992 revealed that public toilets in Britain were the worst in the world, followed by Thailand, Greece and France!

3 – No under 18’s…
You would hope that these bathroom facilities are only available in placed where there are just adults… because this would take a lot of explaining! Did you know, the first movie to feature a flushing toilet was Psycho in 1960?

2 – Best seat in the house…
Wouldn’t you love to have this in your home! They really should be marketing this one to parents, as this would make potty training an absolute breeze! 1890 was the very first year that toilet paper was marketed on the roll, much as we know it today!

1 – The Batcave…
This is surreal, and you’re about to go on a journey never thought possible… just by simply relieving yourself! You’re going to walk out of this bathroom feeling like you’re a superhero about to save the world!… just don’t forget to put the seat down!


Sofia Vigolo says:

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Ha! didn’t expect a video like this… much appreciated. Also, a must read is Beck Reznarks Bladder Guide. Google it to find a simple way to relax and relieve yourself the very next time you need to go.

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Being a band kid number 18 hurt me physically

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4:50 wow

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Royal flush and 20 more TOLITS

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How are short adults and kids supposed to use these bathrooms

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Number 20 it is actually called a urilift

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i love toilet gold

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One time in a store I saw one of the video

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dispersing act 19 dare to yous 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 super mario

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Imagine getting stuck in the underground one

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On numbr 4 I think that COMPHY toilet is comphy

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I think the red lips boy toilets are cool. Guys will like those. Not sure about the arm chair.

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Well where my ass sits definitely matters‼️ I’d sit on the whole video ❣️

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Funny LOL!!!!

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1:26 That’s not a trumpet…

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Does Amsterdam has weird toilets too?
I live in The Netherlands and I never saw them

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I feel like the people who make videos like these have really simple thoughts.


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What a video I love this video fuck you if you do more videos like this I hate that first toilet and tell me when this toilet come in India

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