$10,000 high-end toilet

If you’ve got an extra $10,000 laying around, this is an investment you may not have considered. The NeoRest 750 is a luxury toilet with a load of innovative features. It is created by Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto. Its features include an automatic raising lid, a heated seat and a remote controlled bidet.

Produced by Rob Ludacer. Original Reporting by Tim Stenovec

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KamiKavi says:

call me old fashioned, but id rather NOT have a jet of water spray up my anal canal.

and wtf who wants a hot toilet seat i like that shit cold

Terlego Man says:

10000 for a poophole?!?

CJ RULZ says:

Aww cool it has a water fountain built inside

KatrinaLoves Supergirl says:

That’s just the same as Japanese toilets! And It’s even a lot cheaper! It costs the same as regular toilets!!!

Antares says:

1:10 Is that the living room?!?

Fancy Fred says:

Who else wants to pay $10,000 to take a wonderful shit?

Lukas Lakas says:

Tf u need to use electronics just to pee and poop that’s just a waste of time

K-Generation / K세대 says:

I dont freaj out from this toilet

Hans Krebs says:

1917: in 100 years we will have the unexpected
2017: sorry but the best one you can see right now…

The KendamaKidsOFFICIAL says:

they have them ALL AROUND JAPAN NO KIDDING but some don’t have the spray deodorant but have basically everything else

Alli W. says:

don’t they have these in Japanese apartments but with a little less Features??


upcoming 10,000$ poop

Blake the Dweeb says:

I can’t take this seriously (as if I could to begin with, its a toilet) without thinking of bobs burgers

DankCheese says:

Idk if I want toilet water being sprayed in my ass

Dope Doge says:

Does the seat cook eggs?

sauce dat man says:

10k just to take a shit

Aidan Doss says:

There’s a magical land filled with these amazing devices: freaking Japan people

pablo Garcia says:

from bobs burger

Noob Time says:

The new thing for the lazys.

J Horseu says:

i’ve been to japan and this toilet can be found in public toilets.

Matthew Vlogs and Gaming says:

Aka every toilet in Japan even public

Alden's bro says:

High-tech toilet sees Donald Trump about to take a dump, toilet suddenly talks “we don’t serve pedos and racist, dump somewhere else”.

James Humphrey says:

1:06: Of course it’s the Japanese, its always the bloody Japanese! What is it with the Japanese and designing high-tech toilets?

Snufflen says:


Did I get here

ElectroSalvo says:

Ah, 1500 dollars and i can do better.

persimmon93 says:

$10,000 in the US. ~$500 (converted to USD) in South Korea and Japan. These things came out more than a decade ago in East Asia

Connor The Cloud Guy says:

best toilet 2017

Fireboyev says:

having that water suddenly spraying your butt…. I would be very shocked.

Hackeronte says:

My butt deserves this

Ice banna says:

Tbh I don’t know how in western countries people don’t wash their asshole after taking a shit and just use toilet paper… that’s absolutely disgusting…

Brazen Spy says:

I mean, a heated seat and a built-in deodorizer is nice, but why would i want water shooting on the rim of my butthole, just to clean it?

exploting tnt videos says:

it toilet is expensive then me

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