WeMo Smart Dimmer Light Switch- Unboxing, Setup + Installation, Review (Detailed)

Full unboxing, setup, install, and detailed review/ demo of the WeMo smart dimmer switch by Belkin. Complete walkthrough from start to finish!

Voltage detector tool: http://amzn.to/2scuiG0
WeMo smart dimmer: http://amzn.to/2rZYaFT


lybon70 says:

Very informative and easy to understand. Great video.

Justine Buda says:

I have a switch that controlls all of my lights in the living room. would this work for that?

Elias Nammour says:

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works with google home, Amazon alexa.
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Gluvshey 09 says:

Hey Brandon, can you have more than one WEMO Light Switch installed in the house? I currently have one installed for the front door/garage. I would like to install another switch that could control my back patio lights. Not sure if it’s compatible to have more than one. Any input would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Cesar Feliz says:

Does this light switch needs a hub? To work with alexa!?

Eva Huang says:

Hi Mr
Brandon Geekabit
good weekend! I sent the email to you ,have you receive it ?my email is eva@morning-e.com .looking forward to talk with you.

BeHitchSlapped says:

Can you use Alexa to adjust the brightness of the dimmer, or just on and off?

Chao Tang says:

Does it works with normal light bulb? Or only those smart light bulbs like hue?

Gordon lang says:

I enabled the Alexa app but the device is not being discovered is that a WeMo issue or a Alexa issue?

Bilash Paul says:

@brandon Geekabit. I have only three connection (1-Green, 1-white and 1-black). How would i connect my wemo switch light dimmer with 4 connection (red, black, white, and green). I connected. white with white, green with green and black with black. And left the red alone. My light wont work proper brightness and my fan ran with same switch too and its also not working? Any  suggestion ????

BakerOne says:

Will this Wemo dimmer operate the lights at night (on/off) when you are out of town ?

Max Vorobey says:

How would you connect it to say a Google home???

Nelson Díaz says:

with What kind of bulb leds the dimmer can be work?

ggwhale says:

Lots of questions below but no answers. I too am curious about remote use when away.

Tefo Godfrey says:

Does it work with Smartthings Hub

Runs On Rum says:

Whats the voltage rating on these wemo switches? Can they handle 240v?

lain11644 says:

Wow you have some really short fingers

Alfred Pennyworth says:

I’m assuming you need a different wemo for every room you want to have app access to, right?

Gilbert Clarete says:

Can you show controlling the dimmer when you are away from your house using your smart phone?

Mike Duffy says:

trying to find about the settings in the app for the light bar.

Tom Ciaston says:

Where’s the location option? So the lights go on/off when u arrive home? Give more details please. Thx

TheLegend says:

what a waste of youtube space

Azad Kadhum says:

Where can I get that pen?

Eva Huang says:

Hi Mr Brandon Geekabit
I sent the email to you ,have you recieve it ?

Victoria LeChantier says:

Actually, despite the fact that it says single pole on a package and incompatible with three way light switches, you can bypass the three way line disconnecting one of the light switches and turning the other one into a single Paul, as I’ve done with my kitchen light. My kitchen light is a 3-way with one switch being in the corner of the kitchen that no one ever accesses, and the other being at the entrance of the kitchen which is the only one everyone accesses, therefore I installed it WeMo at the entrance and bypass the three-way line turning that corner switch into a decorative non-working light switch. Let me know if you’re interested and how

Josseph Maldonado says:

What light bulb are you using?

Eva Huang says:

hello Mr Brandon, good weekend!I am a seller from Amazon. I am interested in your video in Youtube.Very nice and detailed video!I also sell smart product in Amazon. Do you want to use our goods?If so,we can send the sample to you soon,looking forward to your early reply!

Alymon says:

I replaced an existing dimmer with this. When I turned the circuit back on, the wemo dimmer lit up and responds to switch presses, but the light fixture is not turning on. Any ideas on what is causing this problem?

Rodgen Hope says:

Does it work with Alexa?

Judson Zhao says:

Does it go back to the lightness when turned back on?

Marticulate says:

Does this work with the Philips Hue hub?

hari bukke Prasad says:

thanks for the detailed explanation 🙂

Sean Grabill says:

Is it normal to hear a faint electrical noise when the switch is set to off? If I put my ear up to the switch I can hear this noise. As with most dimmers there is a faint buzzing when on this is not the noise I am referring to.

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