Ultimate Smart Home Tech: IOTTY Smart Light Switch!

Checkout this elegant and clean smart light switch from IOTTY. Could be perfect for your smart home! Tons of features such as Built in Wifi, Location/GPS Trigger, Proximity sensor, Night Light and more with Tempered Glass Build!
Many Different colors available at launch for your Ultimate Smart Home! Let me know if you think this is one the best smart home tech 2017!

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Infiltrator2003 says:

never launched

pekkle0724 says:

compatible w/ google home?

Clapper Board Pictures says:

I want the light switch but too costly

Daisy Cantu says:

is it compatible with google home?

Jeni H says:

This us awesome!! In love with the clean lines of the design!

Immediate Reviews says:

Wow! That has got a ton of features for a SWITCH. I have a few ideas about how I could use this…

Justin Cunningham says:

I really think this is cool and will have to get them

Asante Freeman says:

If these gain compatibility with Hue bulbs I’m replacing ALL my switches

Seth Totten says:

Does it work with a 3 way switch

brently300 says:

When will these be available and for how much?

Don't Judge says:


Wood Hughes says:

Why do you have to enter sunrise/ sunset? That info is easily available on the web and is GPS coded.

lumberjack 47 says:

Do another smart home video

piyush bhambhani says:

Can it work dual

Emmanuel Akaki says:

Thanks Danny

Greg Shaw says:

will it work as a dimmer for LED’S

Will Conway says:

Great review homie!!

Anthony Herbert says:

give away would be nice

Foxi Danger says:

Hi, will it be compatible with Philips Hue later this year? It is water resistant so that I can use it in my bathroom? Will there be a further discount if I buy 24 switches? You’re welcome to send me a pm!

Greg Shaw says:

is it motion sensitive for when one walk in to a room, i’d like to see that with this new sleek switch

ak azad says:

can it use with google home mini?????

Pardon Me says:

Just got mine and it is junk, at least my experience. The app is non functional, and the lights wouldn’t consistently work, and didn’t work at all with the faceplate on. My electrician and I were both scratching our heads as we did every troubleshooting step recommended by Iotty. In theory, it’s a pretty sexy switch. However, if it doesn’t do what it says it’ll do, it’s simply garbage worthy of being returned for a refund.

By the way, there were several other issues in addition to the above, so beware. It’s too bad as I really, really wanted to like these devices from Iotty.

Dominik Stephan says:

Danny as i’m living in Switzerland do you know which of all theses smart devices will work here? it seems all different from a power outlet and electrical point of view…..

Abhishek Joshi says:

Hey danny so could I remove my old switch and add the smart switch, without changing the bulbs

Lael says:

If I turn off my light on the switch, can I then still use my phone to turn them back on.

Dustin Boggus says:

That trash can is awesome. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Jaclyn Desaulniers says:

My living room has 0 lights in it. I have maybe 5 lamps set up. What do you suggest? Smart plug? Switch? Bulbs?

Michael Pedersen says:

No Z-wave? No open-API? This might not be thát cleaver. I’m sorry but WiFi and APPs might be fancy, but it issent smart in the long run – especially not for a new and unproven company. You really really don’t want your lights switch on either your wifi or the cloud – it’s a lightswitch, what happens when the company don’t bother to update the app or sells all your private info – or your wifi p00ps itself… Im sorry, I know that these are widely unrealistic scenarios, but I wish that more “smart home tech” reviews were a bit more critical and a lot less impressed with the gadgets – this is a gadget, not a smart light switch IMO.

Dragan ilic says:

hi team, do you have Zwave version? does it need Natural wire?

Kamil Janoo says:

Hi Danny! Does it work on 240v 50 hz? What about the software? I mean in the futur about updating and all that.

Leon C says:

Where can you buy it?

Mo Takhim says:

Hi…I am interested in buying several of these switches…How can I purchase them? Thanks

Nathan yer boi says:

Does anyone know when and where I can buy this when it (or if it’s already out)?

NPixel89 says:

Your presentation has no flow

Usman Naeem says:

does it work without neutral cable?

Dark Marphous says:

Very good review and I am curious for when is the release date? If they released it already I would love to know the prices or the link to buy them. 🙂

Justin says:

Not a dimmer, lame.

doomtomb3 says:

This thing isnt even on Amazon, is it a dead product?

Greg Shaw says:

to much at 1/2 price of $55. maybe $ 25. but will watch for price to drop

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