TP-Link Multicolor and White (tunable) Smart Wi-Fi Bulb Review – Alexa Enabled, No Hub Required

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – TP-Link has a hubless smart light bulb that works with Amazon Alexa as a smart home hub (no homekit or Google Home yet). See more IOT and subscribe!

00:32 – Hardware overview and installation
01:29 – Overview of product line
02:51 – Mobile app overview
03:11 – Setting the color of the bulb
04:07 – Dimmer controls and settings
04:32 – Controlling bulbs as a group using the scenes feature
05:53 – Amazon Alexa demonstration with an Echo
08:07 – Power consumption
08:45 – Scheduling
09:19 – Conclusion and final thoughts

TP-Link has put together some decent light bulbs that respond to commands quickly with minimal latency. Each bulb connects to WiFi independently and do not require a hub as an intermediary point. Bulb features are controlled through a mobile app as well as devices that support Amazon’s Alexa service (like the Amazon Echo).

While the hardware is solid and works well, the software needs to offer more options for managing groups of bulbs. At the moment color and scheduling are set on a per bulb basis making it a bit cumbersome to manage the more bulbs are added to a network.

There are some group controls for turning off groups of lights and setting colors on specific bulbs in the group, however. It would be nice to see some a group-based color setting and scheduling added to the product.

Amazon Alexa integration is solid although limited to only on, off, and dimmer settings. The Philips Hue does allow for the group settings to be controlled by Alexa, something the TP-Link product does not currently allow.

If they can address some of the grouping features this could be a solid alternative to the Philips Hue system.

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Paperclown says:

Generation Z has it so good with their tech future, I’m so jealous of all the gadgets they have at their disposal. Was looking tech compilations and theres even this thing called the Ulo for security that is like a 80’s Furby toy but totally creepy because the eyes are animated. I totally want to wire my house with modern colored rgb lighting and modernize, but old habits are hard to break.

John Spanos says:

Great review video. You answered most questions one might have (besides the more technical like CRI ). I saw them featured in a “top 5 video” video and just because it was a “top” he didnt point out anything bad about them.

DroneXFun says:

i just got the echo dot and i have ordered the harmony hub to control my tv through alexa, i have a lamp with bulbs in it and i want control the lamp so i can turn it on/off and i want dimmer control. i have ruled out the hue because it requires a hub and the 2 brands i found with decent reviews on amazon are the tp link and the wink. what bulbs would you suggest i use for my lamp? thank you.

TechDude452 says:

Lol this dude stuck in the 90’s. Look at that background. XD

C00KI3 Gaming says:

I know this doesn’t relate to this videos at all but it’s the closet video in the closest time frame so someone might respond. I am looking to buy a Lenovo yoga 710 2 in 1 touch screen laptop i7 and I’m wondering if more ran makes the graphics card better or what cause in a video review on it you said the graphics card wasn’t the best so I was wondering if there are better replacements.

Ninjatrouble1 says:

what’s that app called?

diy collaborative says:

Great video! Just unboxed a pair of these but I’m concerned about the excessive heat omitted from the base. My infrared thermometer puts them at right 165 degrees F. This seems a bit much and when I contacted the manufacturer, they indicated this is normal. Have you noticed this?


Benjamin Gnanendra says:

Is the bulb compatible with Amazon dot 2nd generation?

Beastmode Boss says:

Can you schedule for the bulbs to be a different color for each day or each month

respibob says:

My Echo was trying to turn all that stuff on and off LoL. She kept saying “I can’t find that on your network”

raiders2800 says:

How do you set it up to work with Siri ?

Andrew Gabriel says:

Very cool product. I have always been fascinated by these smart LED lights but I find them to be a bit pricey at the moment. Nice to see the tech built in them though 🙂

Mike's unboxing, reviews and how to says:

Hope these work better than our TP-Link cameras! They keep dropping off our network 🙁

Fred Zlotnick says:

I have noticed that LED bulbs from Cree and LG (not smart) electronics fails after a year or so. the power supplies for these things tends to be very cheap, and fails much sooner than the 17 years that is claimed. I would hesitate to spend $50 on these things that tend to fail so easily. Keep your receipts!

Joshua Snell says:

Does TP link intend on providing or do you think TP link will provide an update that will allow users to change color of bulb with voice command with Amazon Echo?

Dennis Craig says:

What would you recommend for using Apple’s Home app?

Dominic Cellini says:

Oddly enough, I was looking at the same exact bulbs on Amazon before this video was posted.

Richard Callahan says:

Thank you!

Robert Van Etta says:

“I have an idea…”. Sigh, I wasn’t expecting to “like” this video in the first 10 seconds. lol

TJ Vincenzi says:

Big brother is busy these days!

Alexander Alex says:

will it work in europe on 220 volts?

Geary Chopoff says:

Lon, My Google Home will change the color of Philip bulbs. For example “OK Google turn bedside lamp color to red”. I discovered this when my wife mumbled to turn a light on and suddenly all of my living room lights were red! BTW it does it for each lamp individually. I do not have any groups set up (yet). 🙂

Clay Mann says:

Here’s my worry with the TP range of WIFI devices like the plugs and lights. You have to sign up to TP which I’m Ok with. My worry is that when the next generation of devices come out from TP and they’re using completely different tech, what happens to the servers running the authentication for the old devices? How long would a relatively small company keep the old line running? I imagine not very long and that’s a problem.

If the whole Alexa voice control stops working in 2-3 years, I think I’d deeply regret buying into the whole range and having a lot of these around the home.

Rui Nunes says:

Needs presets too

Elizabeth Oconnor says:

Does anyone know if I need the bulb cam I do it without the smart bulb??

heffy1000 says:

Fantastic review. You are the Michael Jordan of reviewers. very informative, clear and concise. top marks!

Justin Dvorak says:

How am I suppose to use the bulb if my wifi modem changes?

mohammed zakariya says:

want a bulb (((220v ))) that works with alexa Can you help ?

Poe Lemic says:

Love this video. I sure want to do this, and only way I would do it is pure WIFI and not some unique system & branded protocols. So, I’m waiting until they become AFFORDABLE too. THey’re way too much now. Even if I had the money, I would not do them at the current prices, just not economical. Thanks for updating us on this.

Richard Prince II says:

Great video man

Kevin M. Gates says:

Through and honest. Great review of the bulbs, Lon.

mohamedkn99 says:

Try and make a review for xiaomi bulb its for 16$

Haywards Dave says:

Ive gone down the road of Philips Hue. but the same applies. Ive found that unless you are controlling these bulbs using Amazon dot, using the phone app just to turn on your lights is a pain in the butt.!! It will drive you up the wall to keep going into a phone app

Derwin Estremera says:

how about google home

im2crafty says:

Boring!, a wall switch would be simplier.

alittleolder says:

I recently changed everything to HUE and the great thing about that is that there are a lot of different apps than can do the things you missed with the TP-Link Bulbs. As for Alexa.. I am still waiting for my email to order my amazon echo. They haven’t been released here in Austria yet.

britsluver says:

This is sexy

Negro Tuxedo Seeμ says:


kosio86 says:

I have one White Tplink bulb and it doesn’t reconnect automatically to wifi after power loss and has to be re-initialized manually and therefore it’s pretty much useless. I am not sure if it is a bug and I should return it

Andris Kalns says:

can you please comment standby power consumption ?
philips hue RGB e27 is about 0.45w

luigiymario2 says:

I really like rgb 🙂

mohammed zakariya says:

how about google home ?? does google home work with other lights if not with this ??

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