This is the Coolest Smart Light, Ever: Nanoleaf Light Panels Review and Giveaway

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Lord Garth says:

I’ll be buying this from China for $20 within the year.

KOSMOS says:

Can’t wait for it to be about $50 next year lol

Kase Minato Quintuple says:

ufff 250$ to 620$

omegatrac2 says:


IAM GORT says:

Epileptics need not apply! 😉

rob elder says:

Video was good and informative. Pricing didn’t impress me at all. Sorry but good presentation. Maybe for 99 bucks it would go. But in today’s Home 3D printers and with all the LED kits available for 10 to 15 dollars. Just seems very pricey. Thanks for sharing.

Anneka Avery says:

Amazing!! On my wishlist!

Redwan Ali says:

I like their videos , because they provide detailed information about the products 🙂

Jacob Estrada says:

Wow im early

Moosay 2 says:

You Stole Pewdiepies Lights

Jordi Lopez Vazquez says:

Nice light.

Tonto Epstein says:

Can’t stand plaudits of products received for absolutely free, especially when they “thank” the company for being “kind enough” and “the opportunity.” Are you kidding me? First, nobody bashes electronics received for free, especially when more is coming. Second, this guy got three additional panels. Three fewer panels mean far fewer design options, right? If this guy made a credible effort to exhibit it as actually sold, why show 12? There are only 9, and it’s costly enough as is.

Sheela K says:


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