The Cheapest Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulbs That Actually Work? Merkury Innovations!

So after having half of my basement set with the KASA Wi-FI bulbs, I was wanting to do the rest of the basement. I held of on buying more of the KASA bulbs since I needed 7 more and they were fairly expensive. I stumbled across these Merkury Innovations bulbs at Wal Mart on clearance. I was unable to find them on Amazon or anywhere else actually, so I did some research and I believe the company has acquired Geeni and are using the Geeni name going forward on their smart home products and using the Geeni app. I had some trouble getting most of the bulbs set up, but the one I demoed worked perfectly, go figure. Regardless for the price of these its worth the headache. So on Amazon if you hit the link they are a bit more expensive but you can get more bulbs in a pack, if you can find a few of the old packaged ones under the Merkury name you will save some money at Wal Mart.

Geeni 3 pack:
Geeni single bulb:

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Justin Apodaca says:

I have my place completely fitted with the color ones and so do my parents along with a few plugs

TeeZeeStreams says:

About to buy some right now my local Walmart has then2 pack for 15.88

Marion Bartholf says:

I bought a Mercury plug and have been trying for three weeks to set it up and still can’t. Very frustrating. Would never buy anything made by Mercury.

Dave Schmarder says:

I found that all of these wifi bulbs need to be very close to the phone you are setting them up with. I always use a nearby socket. Same with smart plugs (switches). Thanks for this review. I need to buy more bulbs badly.

The gear techno dome arena says:

Only works with 2.4 ghz Wi-Fi. I have 5ghz Wi-Fi networking, they won’t connect. I’ve tried dozens of time. No go. Can you help me? Maybe I’m doing a step wrong.ty

roger sowers says:

Why don’t they make the bulbs with just a remote control instead of WiFi.

Jeremy Cerullo says:

I bought and installed 22 of these lights in the last week. I had problems with about 5 of them. But turning off the switch and resetting my Wi-Fi router solved the problem.

Jordan's videos says:

I have my whole home outfitted with these lights they work great and plugs and I also have a LED strip from geeni and merkury

Gil Lopez says:

I just found and installed several of these bulbs. Setup was a breeze for me.

MegaOldschool says:

They also make color changing bulbs as well. The bulbs cost like 12.88 each at Wal Mart. I have two downstairs in my lamps and they work great. You can have Alexa change the bulbs to any color you want.


i have these for about a month now and so far so good!!!

Lou Rao says:

I setup the lights using Geeni app and then added it to my Google assistants app. So, since the setup was done on my smart phone how does a family member have access to turn on and off the lights? Do they need to install Geeni app or just use their own Google assistant app?

Jordan's videos says:

Great and you can connect more Lee strips to one strip

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