SMART LIGHTS ARE AWESOME! (Xiaomi Smart Lighting Review)

Xiaomi’s smart light products are excellent. Join me as we take a look at the Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp, Xiaomi Yeelight Color Bulb and Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

Xiaomi Yeelight RGB Light Bulb:
Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp:
Xiaomi Smart LED Desk Lamp:

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SteppinOnLegos 247 says:

You need a million subscribers

HarrysTech says:

Nice, Nice, Nice! Awesome Vid!

nope yes says:


Elias G. says:

Really nice video and awesome products! I really like Xiaomi’s product’s, especially their Mi Band 2 is great and these lamps are no exception! Btw you mixed up the links for the bulb and the bedside lamp I think 😉

little misa says:

I just odered XiaoMi rice cooker !!! can’t wait to see it .

Turbo Tech says:

Amazing video as always!

Tyler Miller says:

That desk lamp looks niiiiiiiiice

BiCheng Sha says:

I’m aware the colour bulb is 220V 50Hz, so does it work right out of the box in Canada? Or did you have to use a power adapter?

Tony StarX says:

Currently on SALE @

Tariq banton kong says:

the Xiaomi yeelight

Luis J. Nuñez says:

the first one is really cool!

Science Akbar says:

the third

Tech Suheef says:

Is the cylinder one rechargeable or you have to plug in an ac adapter

Samyul Syed says:

Isn’t the bulb only 220v? I’m not sure what country you’re in, but you have a north american accent so now you have me questioning it.


I need ALL of these in my life!

Dean Martin says:

Is this Apple HomeKit compatable?

james42519 says:

no they are not really. led not as good as incandescent to me. also no widnwos phone app no buy no matter what.

Su Perez says:

Which lighting are you using for the beginning shot of you?

Harris Craycraft says:

Woah awesome! Great video

Naeem K says:

Great options. Thanks.

Bhuvan Kalra says:

While ordering from India: “GEARBEST” website is asking for a TAX ID? What is that?

Car Cam Central says:

Enjoyed it! Didn’t know XiaoMi had a desk lamp so that’s pretty awesome. If I actually used paper I would buy one.

XiaoMi’s been throwing out some wicked stuff recently and a wide range of categories from reverse osmosis water filters to little usb fans. Keep making them videos.

jmbbao says:

I prefer yet the normal lights and I can turn on and off with the switch in the wall. This is absurd technology and people will end being trapped in their smarthouses as their phone dies one day.

My Instant Search says:


Tech Zio says:

can an we do shoutout

SteppinOnLegos 247 says:

I like the desklamo

Martoes says:

Pff I am not going to pay 70 dollars for a cheap made lamp like that. I rather build one myself for 20 bucks, if anyone interested how I am going to do this. React to my response and I will make a video.

Ted 00 says:

Will the bulb issue improve over time?

Vicente George says:

Nicely done Isaac! Great video! The one i like the most is the bedside lamp… Totally cool

TechDevoted says:

I like the Desk lamp the best! Great video!

erasemelater says:

what kind of issues does the bulb have?

Bruno Ribeiro says:

Hey Canoopsy, great lighting on your video about lights! 🙂

I ended up buying the Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp after I saw your video (I was looking for a bedlight lamp so good timing!). My wife liked mine so much that I had to buy her one as well so you should be getting comission for the sale.

I never use the app though. I find it that the manual controls are more than enough.


enemixius says:

I’ve had the bedside lamp and the rgb bulb for a while and never noticed any issues with the bulb. Of course it won’t work when powered off from the wall switch, but it quickly connects to my wi-fi when powered back on and can be used normally from there, no need to re-pair or anything.
Maybe they fixed the firmware or yours is not working properly?

ארנון פרידמן says:

Is This application includes a time option?

RaitonGG says:

do xiaomi make led strips as well? i don’t want to have a ton of apps to controll everything

Joel W says:

The light bulb is supposed to be used in conjunction with the mi smart home gateway. That way you can add buttons, sensors or automation.

The Mind of Nate says:

I really like that bedside lamp and that desk lamp. The design is just superb. Great atmosphere on the video Isaac!!

Tommy Crosby says:

I prefer lights that needs a bridge and not direct connection to a phone. You can extend the functions with 3rd party apps and hardware.
Like for example, I have few Hue lights and a Securifi Almond router with a touchscreen so I can use my lights without my phone.

Tech Adwise says:

Awesome as always


Wow DOpe video again
Really amazing work man

Sumur says:

WE Dont Have Money TO Buy this
But I Love Interior Decoration
But My House Condition is not so well

Illegal Seagull says:

Thanks for the review! Good job and very helpful!

Ege Bilir says:

Underrated channel good video dude

Limitless Tech UK says:

They genuinely look great. I wouldn’t say there as good as the lifx bulbs but you can’t argue with the price. Awesome work on the video as well bro

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