Smart Lighting on the CHEAP! (Elgato Avea Bulb)

Our review of the Elgato Avea Smart Light / Dynamic Mood Light. A cheaper alternative to Philips Hue!
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TheGamingLegend says:

Well if you but two of these…. You can get a Philip hue starter pack … A bridge and two light bulbs .

bosancerossss says:

Can the Elgato replace a “normal light” (light bulb), a normal ceiling lamp…can two of them illuminate a room?

JulianFilms says:

omg this is great

Simon Anderson says:

Where do you get the light bulb


Many better tech reviewers this guy is shot

Straxuss says:

Forcing alcohol bottles into frame… douche

Marco Jim says:

Could this bulb be used as a room light for my bedroom? Like the main one on the roof

Gary Reen says:

Wish i could find them for 19.99 :/

String Tutorials says:

Is the Philips hue brighter tho

Grace Gunn says:

Sorry but u said they were £19 but in actual fact they are £28


is this guy gay or what? hands down the ugliest looking inbreed I’ve seen. kill it with fire

Rodrigo Conde says:

Can you use Siri to control it in IOS 10-9

Nick Siepmann says:

I’m a newcomer to your videos, but I gotta say – very impressed by your on-camera demeanour, particularly for a young dude! And not TOO heavy on the rambling, which is always a danger in review videos…

Andrew Wells says:

so no android app?

Defrosted Lion says:

Does saying ‘lamp turn on’ to Siri on an iPhone work?

Stev A says:

if you’re dumb enough to buy an apple watch, then how could i trust you with this or any other purchase???

Charlie's Games says:

Great Video Alex!

Sergey Dazzle says:

Very rarely you can find some awesome channel nowaday, love it, you seem like a nice lad

Raymond Wilson says:

So all these smart bulbs. Wifi/bluetooth.

What happens if you walk away, or turn your wifi/bluetooth off?
Does the bulb stay at the last setting?
And if you turn it off and on from the plug, does it remember its last setting?

nameless5r says:

can’t find it for anything less than $45. hardly on the cheap.

Ronnie9P says:

can you change the intensity of the light ?

NationZGameZ says:


GothicKittyMadness says:

Fucking hell! he has some big fucking fishy lips! haha

Ryan Brough says:

You really should’ve turned that blue hue light off so you could see the other one better… shm

Zivit says:

Could I use this as my main bulb in my room?

Dan Fox says:

Click bait

Tutee Tutorials says:

Does anyone know if you can use this with homekit?

Bjørn Oscar Wirum says:

Now it costs 40 dollars D:

Harrywsh says:

Hey guy I have a question I have got my Philips hue lightstrip and bridge. I have a dilemna the strip is to go by my desk in my room but the router for the wifi I two floors down and the booster to my room only has one Ethernet out have you guys got any ideas on how to configure this set up any help is greatly appreciated. 🙂

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