SMART LED Light Bulbs 💡 Amazon Echo and Google Assistant Compatible!

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Marcelo Eng says:

I see what’s going on here you’re just here to have me buy stuff lol cool!

Joshua Chew says:

Great video as always! You and Ash are two of my favorite YouTubers! Cinematography is top notch.

Matt Ziggy says:

I wish these came out a long time ago. I’m already invested in Hue, which is very expensive.

Alpha Rakama says:

Dope video. I’m already invested into the hue lights. But this seems like a great alternative

webmasale says:

What about colors? Is it as good as the Phillips hue? Can you get bigger bulbs? This video needs more info…

toyspeed71 says:

So how far does the hub have to be away from the bulbs?

Jesper Post Tønder says:

Will they work with hue bridge now that they are both zigbee?

RIVANH says:

That’s nice.. On my Phillips bridge need to be connected on ethernet cable. Big mess on my wifi router spot lol

Tech Diffused says:

Really really nice video

Michael Pate says:

I got a SmartThing Hub a couple of weeks on sale ago and the Sengled
4 pack of bulbs for the Garage (two sets of lights). So handy.

mondo schneider says:

It’s crazy. Ive never met any one with the same first name as me. Well I did never meet you but I guess you get the point!

Dan O'Brien says:

If you already have a Wink hub can you skip the little hub in the box?

Jason Li says:

Do I need the hub to connect the light to my Google Home Mini? Can you tell me the instructions to connect it to the Google Home Mini the easiest and cheapest way? I don’t have the Samsung SmartThings and I don’t want to use the hub. Thanks!

RJ Bradbury Photography says:

I don’t like the idea of these things or the Amazon echo etc.

How secure are these things?

dave villa says:

If you already have smart things hub. Do you still need to use there hub as well?

Anubhav Tyagi says:

Yea That’s A Cool Product Consedring The Price!! I Think Should Buy Them.
BUT Amazing Video Armando!

MayitoTek says:

not bad for the price!!!

Arash Shahrokhshahi says:

I’m kind of new to this thing. Can you explain why I have to have Samsung smart things to run it with Google home?

Grayson Peddie says:

I have GE 41W 60W-equiv Energy-Saving Halogen light bulb that’s hooked into my floor lamp and is connected to my Insteon plug-in dimmer module and the dimmer module talks to my Insteon hub.

Why energy-saving halogen instead of LED bulb? I can have the light bulb dim down to 10% and there’s barely enough light to be on. I like to turn on and off smoothly. 0 to 100% in 5 seconds and 100% to 0% in 5 seconds. LED bulbs, even smart bulbs, can’t do that.

Zsolt Pinter says:

Note: don’t mount the bulbs while the switch is on

Max Evans says:

Essential PH1 or OnePlus 5t?

Omar F Rodriguez Morales says:

No Google home support I guess

Frederik Mouritsen says:

Do a Behind The Scenes where you show how you do unboxings 😀

Zoltan Petofi says:

I have just purchased amazon echo and i am searching a good smart bulb, my main issue is i have E14 sockets in the main room lamp I do not see to much E14 socket smart bulbs. So first question are those smart bulb can operate with a socket converter? So if i buy a E14 – E26 converter the bulb will work with that? And secondly last year I have purchased some gas filled bulb equivalent to a 100W old one and finally i have light in my room. With smart bulbs I see only very week light ones max equivalent to 40w bulbs. Is there any smart bulb what is alexa compatible around 6000k white bright and have power level of 60-100w equivalent?

Archie Beatz says:

I have to get this for my home studio.

Alex Alfaro says:

To bad i don’t have home internet to set it up

Chris. H says:

I was gonna get those lights but got the Hue ones for the same price for Black Friday with 4 lights. $50

Alireza Ghaderi says:

Hi , i have question , please answer me ,
Can I Connect Light Bulb to Echo Plus Zig Bee Hub ?

markyhabs says:

Don’t buy anything from these companies ever …. net neutrality my ass

Sharkman says:

Any compatibility with z wave. Vera light.. and I assume you can control them from any where ?

Yaron Rosen says:

I love when it works fast with no lag

Hector Rodriguez says:

Great video amigo… going to check these lights out. I have Wemo and Lifx, but these lights seem a little more economical for now. One thing I wanted to mention, your face is the only thing in focus, why? I understand somewhat how focus works, but even the box in front of you almost at same distance from you is out of focus. Great video and thanks for sharing. Thumbs up

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