Setting up smart LED bulbs is easier and cheaper than you think!

Always wanted smart bulbs but hesitant about the investment? The TP-Link Smart WiFi LED Light Bulbs are one of the best on the market. It offers a range of colours and whites, is programmable and works with Alexa.

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Grant Kim says:

hmm, i imagine that you don’t have to replace all the light bulbs in a house, just need to replace a few in living room. I like the feature that you can schedule the time of lighting wirelessly. sounds useful when a house is empty.

urinalbushrat says:

To think my grandfather was given a brand new kerosene lamp as a wedding present. Its still sitting on my parents mantle piece.

Tom Lozano-Harrison says:

Can you connect multiple bulbs at the same time

Conqwiztadore22 says:

What is it starts a fire…?

Gordon Kern says:

Good well delivered, and easy to understand product demo, appreciate the Canadian Amazon links,thanks.

Jonathan Titko says:

I’m setting up one rn and it says the app only supports 2.4GHz WiFi channel, what fuck is that please help

Call Me Ishmael says:

Pretty cool. Where do I find one of those stylish wooden bulb holders seen in the video?

Blu Rox22 Js5 says:

50 dollors for 1 bulb not worth it

Elliott Martin says:

Very small hands breh

IW says:

First time I heard about these so called smartlights I was pretty skeptical to ve honest. A collegue of mine showed me how he was able to turn on and off any light in his home all the way from the office. He said he had gradually switched over all his bulbs to smartbulbs within a few weeks. I only got 1 to begin with but ordered another 5 the day after I got it. Especially since he showed me how to get 5 for free if I buy 5. If anyone is interested just drop a comment and I’ll hook you up too. Can’t stop getting more of these darlins

GetConnected Media says:

More info here:

doublahh says:

Bull I connected everything correct then got a weird Chinese message….

Ani Bazikyan says:

I got mine from target for each is ten bucks

Jerick Carlos Mangalus says:

Naahhh you should retract that 22 years statement. Led is good for 2 to 5 years max the manufacturers already have been giving it lifespan.i already tested led bulb to have 2 to 3 years life span.

Farida Pambos says:

I am definitely getting few

aya Ich says:

Can’t you write somewhere what app you’re using cos i can’t find it anywhere. Your video is worth nothing if you’re just saying the name, what if I’m not hearing you properly.

Ralph Long III says:

Can you synchronize them so that you can have more than one linked up to the same commands?

tastytagger says:

but why can’t we just turn off the light switch…

1kaaa says:

So if I screw this onto my lamp stand from ikea, do I need to have the switch button to “ON” 24/7?

Joel Hicks says:

I just want to be able to turn the light off without getting out of bed

mark howells says:

Wot app ru using we know that they work a little bit ov information would b good

DirtFish 23 says:

Billy Mays + Aziz Ansari = this guy

Saimah Rahman says:

does it work with google home mini?

Daddy’s Little Girl Reviews says:

Where can u buy the base?

vgomakeupspill says:

I love the fact that you can control it from the app away from home . I don’t like to leave my dog at home in the dark , so the fact that I can turn on the light on for her when away from home is def worth the buy .

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