Review: LIFX Color 1000 Smart LED Bulb (2016)

Our most-requested product review is here: the LIFX Color 1000 Smart LED Bulb. With a gorgeous palette of colors and shades of white light and no need for a hub or bridge, it’s a great smart bulb for those just getting started making their homes smarter.

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Is LIFX still holder of the title of “best color spectrum?” Watch our new video and find out!

Begun in 2012 as a crowdfunded project, LIFX today has an entire range of smart LED lighting products, including their just-released new LIFX Z “strip” lighting and the LIFX+ bulb with infrared LEDs which help home security cameras see better in low-light.

The smart bulb market continues to get more and more crowded, but LIFX continues to stand alone on at least one point, or the lack of one: you don’t need a special hub or a bridge to use LIFX products. Just download their app, power up one of their bulbs and walk through the setup process via your WiFi-connected smartphone or tablet. Control of the light is easy and fluid through their app, and LIFX products connect with popular home automation platforms like SmartThings, Nest, Amazon Echo and more. While not yet compatible with Apple’s HomeKit technology, LIFX said recently on their blog that support was “coming soon.”

Since its debut, LIFX has also been the leader in beautiful, rich color output by their smart bulbs, at least when compared to similar products by other companies, most notably Philips Hue. The LIFX bulb has the capability to produce nearly every color of the rainbow and then some, in addition to 1000 shades of white light from warm to cool tones. The LIFX app is designed to easily let the user customize the exact color, brightness and saturation of light glowing from their LIFX products. And, just like Hue, an ecosystem of apps supporting LIFX and fun visual effects has grown up around their bulbs. Philips Hue recently updated their “standard” color-changing smart bulb and we’ll be testing it shortly to see how both bulbs compare to each other in 2016.

And if you’d rather just see the raw specs of the Color 1000, see below:

– 75 watt-equivalent (1055 lumens) light output
– 11 watts of energy used
– 16 million colors and 1000 shades of white (2500K to 9000K CCT)
– 22+ years of expected life
– Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
– No hub required
– Android / iOS / Windows support
– Worldwide-voltage compatible with multiple socket options available

The LIFX Color 1000 is a solidly-performing LED smart bulb that makes lighting fun, instead of just boring white light. Beautify your spaces with whites and colors, jazz up your parties or just get ready for the holidays with LIFX products. And without the need for a hub, you can do all of that, à la carte.

Purchase LIFX products right through their website via this special link:

Or, via Amazon: (Both links help out the show!)

Disclosure: Smarter Home Life was provided with the LIFX Color 1000 for review purposes.


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Frans van Huizen says:

Could I use LIFX Color 1000 Smart LED Bulb (2016) for Hue bridge?

Fabio Soto says:

I could not get the network connection problems. I have a reliable network with several IoT devices and this bulb just would disconnect randomly. customer support was helpful but at the end of the day, it was not stable. I returned it. 🙁

Rich M-Smith says:

The green looks good. The failure to even do an acceptable green is why I returned the hue’s that I bought.

Dis Hayn says:

Wow this is awesome…..Bright!

Aghosh Babu says:

Does Lifx support homekit? Do they work on countrys with 230v power line?

Juxtaposition says:

Is this dude crossed eyed or is it me…..

Ian Shepherd says:

I love my LIFX but Siri control please!!! LIFX says it’s coming in 2016 so fingers crossed. But I would recommend to anyone…

Lucas Emi says:

What do you connect the lightbulb too

Hugh Jafro says:

Incredible especially compared to what we had only five years ago. Lightbulbs with built-in Wi-Fi, and under $40, just amazing

Hugh Jafro says:

Can you turn this on and off while you’re away from home?

mohammed zakariya says:

do they work well till now ? cause a lot of users says that it disconnect every day once at least

Juxtaposition says:

Great review, tried both Lifx and Hue, both have pro’s and con’s but Lifx is much better and cheaper solution

that guy says:

Awesome channel. Will google home be able to control these bulbs?

James Beckwith says:

Can it be used with connection to wifi

Tekspert says:

What did you use to screen record your iphone?

Ethan Borden says:

What’s the CRI? Or did I miss that?

acho says:

Great video. Helped me a lot when I was trying to decide between this and Hue. Love my new LIFX.

Chen Allen says:

Hi if we wanna send some wifi smart led lamps for reveiw, is it ok?

Vortonic says:

Great video!

James Beckwith says:

Ok thanks

Denil Shah says:

Thank you. I think this was the most thorough and precise review I found!

albert009 says:

So what do u recommend me to buy I’m looking for which ever has more brightness and save me money! Hue or lifx?

Mitch Barnett says:

I too can report intermittent success. I currently have 7 bulbs across 3 groups. Apparently toggling my wifi to off on my iPhone and connect via LTE through “the cloud” yields better results. I have an open support case and am waiting to hear back from support. Just wanted to pass this on in case other’s are having the same problem.

tjenkens says:

Can you just use the light switch to turn on and off…my wife is not going to use an app to turn the lights on and off?

DonofrioPetTV says:

There are still some Gen 2 LifX bulbs available. can you provide some info on the differences other than a few lumen and a few dollars?

JronmanTech says:

Are you going to review the lifx z strips, lifx + infrared and/or the 3rd gen lifx color? If so which ones? Will you also do any more VS videos with the latest philips hue variants?

Vaughn Sigal says:

How dependant are these on a steady wifi connection?

Nova Kane says:

When setting it up, why does it ask for your bulbs location, i cant seem to find a reason for it

TheRainDropR6 says:

so how bright are these?

markoza138 says:

Thanks for reviewing these! I bought 3 through your link. I’m buying the Google Home speaker this weekend, and I can’t wait to play with them together!

Harrison Green says:

What are best table lamps or floor lamps lamp shades to use to show off the best lighting?

Mark Forrest says:

Hi there. Do these work well with Echo? Cheers

Trevor Whiting says:

they took away the wheel during the last app update, not happy with that,

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