Qube Review: “The Most Affordable Wi-Fi Color Changing Smart Bulb”

It’s here! The Qube smart LED bulb is the least expensive smart lighting product in its category and it doesn’t require a home automation hub. Install the Qube app on your phone, pair it to your Wi-Fi and you’re good to go.

Read more @ https://smarterhomelife.com/everything/2017/3/18/meet-qube-the-first-affordable-wi-fi-color-changing-smart-bulb

Update Summer 2017: The company behind Qube has, unfortunately, demonstrated poor execution on bringing their inexpensive smart bulb to market and has left many backers without a product. Shipping is currently extremely late or non-existent and the company doesn’t communicate well to its backers. While this review will stay online as a reference to the product and what it promised to do, Smarter Home Life can no longer endorse the company or its products.

Qube website: http://qube-smarthome.com


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chazzico says:

but does it work with amazon Alexa

Dennis Warner says:

iOS and HomeKit and I’d buy 20 of them lol

Jose says:

great video man id like to ask a question please i currently have the philips hue 3rd gen bulbs and hub and love the reliability as well as the 3rd party apps i only wish the lights gave more light output and wish the colors were stronger and had more life to them i had the lifx bulbs and the colors and light output was fantastic but the only thing was i would alwasy lose connection or some of the bulbs would be unresponisve at times it and my question is how do these stack up against hue and lifx thank you

Murchy Murch says:

Just saw these hit Bestbuy.com http://www.bestbuy.com/site/geeni-prisma-450-450-lumen-6-5w-a19-led-light-bulb-45w-equivalent-white/5786345.p?skuId=5786345 . I’d check out a color bulb for 25 bucks at 450 lumens. Sounds perfect for low cost mood lighting.

John Salazar says:

The important question is what are the colors like when compared to the Third Gen Hue or The LIFX?

The LIFX has the best color reproduction of anything I have played with.

rigoberto muniz says:

Today 08/07/2017 I am waiting for a four bulbs and nothing no bulbs no money no emails

formerx says:

Another informative, unbiased video. Thanks much!

Keeping It Kevin says:

I believe Tikteck products blows this product out of the water. Starting at $10. I did videos on my channel if your curious.

laenaszone says:

An Inexpensive Wi-Fi Color Changing Smart Bulb = Currently Unavailable

Scooterny22 says:

Awesome video! Can I use this in a lamp that I already have plugged into a WeMo wall outlet? Keep up the great work!

Rowan Roudebush says:

a single philps hue bulb costs less than a single qube

NotaHipster says:

Can i control like 6 in a group?

Royce J says:

Great review!
The shipment takes almost 1 year now and I have not received their product. I am also one of the early backers on indiegogo. As of now they do not have the iOS app.

Jason Carmichael says:

This is literally the only video on all of the world not a propaganda video. Still waiting for my dozen.

Proxapox says:

you sound so much like Linus tech tips

Ed Urbina says:

I’ve been using the Tick Tek Bluetooth​ lightbulbs for about a year now, they work great. I just received the WiFi version of the bulds. haven’t tested it yet, but anyways, this lights cost $10 , $11 from there website.
the WiFi works with Alexa. both work with Apple and Android. u should check them out

Mahmmud Yousef says:

hey man do you know if these will work with Google home??? and also do the Tick Tek work with Google home? thanks for the video.

Sounded Good At the time says:

I was in a really dark place in my life. Thanks to this video I can see the light again.

Dieter Böhle says:

Also they will know why they disable comments on the original Qube video on youtube!

dafish6969 says:

Good review. Competition is good. Hopefully these help the price of my favorite Lifx bulbs to drop.

Roy Rugani Jr says:

This does not seem to bad but unless they can incorporate compatability with the echo or google home, these would not fit in my collection right now.

Jeff Chartier says:

Given the recent 1 star reviews on Amazon I think I’ll pass. The consensus says these are junk.

J P says:

Excellent review – thanks!

Exactly what I needed to keep calm about the terrible customer service regarding the Indiegogo Campaign (0 communication!). At least now I know the product exists and works for the most part.

Keeping It Kevin says:

I’ve been waiting for this review forever!!! So excited! 😀

Jacob Harris says:

Nice looking bulb and great price point! Is it compatible with the Philips hub and my current Philips setup?

Mahmood Al-Madeh says:

Will you do a video about qube’s LED light strip?

Richard Forester says:

Thank you for the video! I’m happy that Hue and Lifx are getting some competition which will hopefully lead to a reduction in price for their products. Would I buy a Qube? Probably not at this point. Good price and seemingly decent performance but I’d rather not have yet another type of bulb in my home and really not a fan of how the bulb looks. Visible LEDs aren’t too bad but that black base reminds me of people who wear black socks with shorts. Just don’t do it.

Dieter Böhle says:

Forget Qube: they are just cheating. I’ve paid more than 90$ and they didn’t deliver anything.
Maybe they went bankrupt, they didn’t answer my E-Mails.
A case for the judges and the police.

Rene Steeman says:

I’ve order one 2 years ago and still haven’t received it, their support doesn’t react either. I’ve asked them when I could expect the lamp to arrive about 6 months ago and I’m still waiting for a response. Their company doesn’t even exist anymore and they don’t communicate to their backers.

Murchy Murch says:

These are great when you simply want say <5 bulbs. I think it's penny wise pound foolish to build an entire system around a cheap bulb running a proprietary protocol from a company that may not outlast the bulb. The cost of a product is not just the price it takes to bring it home but the overall support and expected longevity of the product and company.

Emad Sangani says:

Does the bulb work with Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit?

Dylan thomas says:

DO NOT BUY. I am an original backer on indiegogo. Still havent received anything. Dont answer to e-mails. wont refund. They have ripped of thousends of us. Do not support this scam company

Stev A says:

Fuck the CRapple market. I’d be incentivized to buy this just because they aren’t catering to the “i”idiots!

Mike Smith says:

Nice video, thanks. I’m looking at using wifi bulbs similar to these, but can’t get past the point where the app wants me to supply my home wifi password. That just seems too unsafe to supply my network access to some company I’m not familiar with.

Shaun McAlpine says:

I am one of the handful of people that actually received my bulbs, and they are actually decent quality, however the lack of iOS app development and the thousands of backers that have been ignored, all while the company sells to retailers (amazon and others) and pays to attend CES, demonstrates that these people are just horrible, have no concept of customer experience, and absolutely no care for their product experience either.

DoNCaLiTrI says:

The Xiaomi yeelight is cheaper and work with WiFi without hubs (around 20 dollar) and already work with Alexa and ifttt.

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