Phillips Hue Smart Lights Review – 6 Months Later

A look at what it’s been like to live with the Phillips Hue lighting system after 6 Months and how voice assistants such as Alexa,the Google Assistant and Siri make the system such a joy to use.

Full disclosure: this review does include some Phillips Hue bulbs I’ve been living with for longer than 6 Months.

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Brad Tomlinson says:

I have added Philips Hue white lights to my four main rooms of my apartment, and I really enjoy using them. I have also just added 3 Philips Hue motion sensors, and it is both fun and convenient to have the lights turn on when you enter a room and turn off after a set time. In the future, I plan to have the colored lights installed in my living room. Can’t wait.

Zach H says:

How long did they say, have you used the same ones for six months?

The Tech Helper says:

An awesome video , you deserve more views.

JanFrie says:

It’s unbelievable your channel is this small. Your videos are awesome! Keep up the good work 🙂

Jason Friend says:

I’ve had a lot of problems with Philips Hue, they can actually be very frustrating. The support for the more complex issues isn’t fantastic.

That said though, I’m really glad to have Hue bulbs, only got a few because they are incredibly expensive, but they let me automate my house and it’s amazing how good lighting can influence the mood you are in, whether that be bright whites to wake up, dim ambience for the evening, or some bright colours just because you can.

The colour bulbs are definitely worth getting with the start kit, but after that I wouldn’t bother with many more and just get the Ambience ones. The only time you’re likely to use a green/blue/red/etc is just for the novelty factor

Cristien Perezzx says:


WheelieNelson says:

I just bought the 4 bulb starter pack for $199! Can’t wait to go home and get it all set up!

Cristien Perezzx says:

Yay now I don’t have to run from my wallswitch to my bed from the monster. Phew that was a close one

Stefania Calabrese says:

Do I need to buy a bridge or is the Hue App enough?

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