Philips Hue VS LIFX Review – What Are The BEST Smart Lights?

What are the best RGB smart lights – Philips Hue or LIFX? Both make your setup look AMAZING, but which should you buy? Join PC Centric for the full review and comparison!
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Philips HUE Start Kit (Check your fitting!)

LIFX RGB Bulbs: (Check your fitting!)

Philips Hue provided bulbs for this video, LIFX provided discounted Bulbs for a previous one.

My PC & setup gear:

(US only) Complete list of my equipment:

My PC:

My Keyboard: (Corsair K63 Wireless)

Optional White Keycaps:

My Mouse: (Logitech G900)

LG UC99 Monitor:

My animated wallpapers:

Logitech Speakers:

Noblechairs ICON Leather chair:

My Camera – Sony A6500:

My lights – LIFX RGB Bulbs:

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Hammy Bunghole says:

It’s router not rooter

ZephyrDavid says:

That hole on your sock is huge 😀
btw. great video 🙂

Serkan Polat says:

Hi bro

TheNoxum says:

I got some hues and I fucking love it

Doodle says:

Great video as always. Keep up the amazing work.

Sco77y2010 says:

good review..i went from philips hue to lifx 🙂

Iggy says:

If Lifx only had similar features for syncing to your tv/pc. Does anyone know how to accomplish this ?

Fahad_Nomna7 says:

the fact that you haven’t mentioned the philips hue sync app is seriously annoying to me. It’s so immersive when i play a game with it on!

MrJava2011 says:

Isn’t it called a “Router” rather than a “Rooter” someone correct me if I am wrong?

WyndStryke says:

I’m team LIFX. But if you want a *lot* of bulbs you are probably best off either getting Hue, or getting a professional router which permits more then 32 devices (most home routers will not support more, hence you get dropouts).

Leonardo castañeda says:

Yeelight baby 😉

OriginalPrey1 - GTX 960 Gameplays says:

4:54 Holy sock. Now my wife can stop complaining its just me! 😀

Mark Langley says:

Oddly I use both, but I supply and install much more LIFX lights lamps and strips in customers houses than Philips Hue. Hue tends to be a hit with the younger audience (sub 40s) and Lifx generally has the older market.

Karthig1987 says:

Great video. You should check out linus’s video on these smart bulbs and check out the 3rd company he mentioned.

Naum Rusomarov says:

I have lifx at home, compared to Philips they’re a bit more expensive but imho the quality is better and you don’t need a bridge.

Ozzy Safa says:

I’m team hue because of the hue sync feature and razer synapse and aura sync integration. This makes my experience even better. Also use it with ifttt to flash when my team is about to kick off and when they score. Pretty much perfect for me

weaselinjeans says:

Never FIRST but always here lol. OMG i never knew i could link Hue to Aura, great as ever bro.

john Heiselman says:

I have the 60 dollar lifx and it’s amazing

Reggie T says:

Team LIFX!

Zach H says:

Honestly I’ve been bouncing between the two of these for a little while and I’m thinking the Phillips hue is probably where I’m headed because of the Razer synapse implementation. It sounds like they have a bit more backing in the integration with other apps that I already use

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

I like everything WiFi, because it can all be hacked so easily.

tavian says:

what is the name of the tv stand you have,

GadgetMatch says:

Have been waiting on this notification for a while. Thanks for your advice!

Lethal BladezZ says:


Dr Toe says:

You prefer google home over Alexa? And why? Maybe a vid on that ?

LIFX says:

This is a really great deep dive into our products. Anyone looking for advice on getting the best connectivity, our team at can always help!

GasManDan says:

Looks pretty neat

The Joker says:

Our favorite is Pc Cenetric.

duarte zerimar says:

team lifx i can paint the strips, no bridge, better app, and i dont know why but i think they are britter

Kostyantyn Sobol says:

Good video man

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