Philips Hue vs. Lifx: A color-changing smart home showdown

They’re your two top choices for connected color control, but which smart bulb is best? Time for these two LEDs to duke it out.

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enel777 says:

i dont want a homekit just a single bulb, so lifx wins for me

Oasis S. says:

Get the hue. Lifx bulbs are a headache because of the connectivity issues. The hue will just work.

willd3rbeast says:

Lifx lights are fantastic… But they don’t support hardware dimmers this makes is harder for guests to access any feature Lifx has.

David Vonderhaar says:

fake and gay

Dj Morgan LaPoma says:

LIFX Is the only way to go. I’ve had mine for a few months and they are outstanding

Novilicious says:

I had both and lifx is waaaaaay better

Timothy Brown says:

How long do they last though?

gudedomo says:

I love my Philips Hue lights all over my home but their app is TRASH. So unintuitive.

Arjomatic says:

Wait, what 3rd party bulbs work with the hue system?

Skibble Dazzle says:

Agreed. Only if LIFX giver worked with Apple Computers.

Clint Eastwood says:

I don’t know how I stumbled upon this but now I’m sold I think it’s a awesome idea

MrX 8503 says:

LIFX has better hardware and app, but it doesn’t support HomeKit. HomeKit is a requirement for me so I went with Hue.

[ Content Deleted ] says:

go get a lifx

James' Tech Life says:

I really want to get a LIFX setup, but I think they are a little out of my budget. Does anyone know of any cheaper alternatives?

Matthew Smith says:

Are there any cheaper bulbs that are just white light?

How to Science says:

Even though illumi wasn’t there illumi is way better

Robert Sanchez says:

Does the LIFX work with Apple home kit?

Richard Forester says:

I’ve tried out both and it really comes down to what you want. If you want a stable platform (LIFX network connectivity doesn’t seem to be the best) with an established ecosystem and HomeKit support, go with the Hue Gen. 3 bulbs. If you want to be on the cutting edge, with brighter and more vibrant color go with the LIFX Gen. 3 bulbs. I’m still trying to figure out where I am as they both have something I want.

Kam says:

thanks for the vid! im looking for the best smart bulb out right now and i think i have a winner lifx!

Hi-Fi Insider says:

I have a few Philips Hue bulbs. The iOS app is total dog shit. So… disappointed by Philips

Jose says:

i had lifx bulbs but they kept glitching on me and wouldnt respond they are the better bulbs in terms of light and color accuracy but the philips hue work for flawlessly due to the bridge i wouldnt dare fill my enitre house with lifx

Charlie D says:

Should have mentioned that LIFX does not require a hub to work at all. LIFX has its own built in WiFi while Hue has a hub that connects to WiFi and then communicates to the bulbs from there. LIFX is great if you want to buy just one.

Juan Rivera says:

After seeing the Youtube videos comparing the Hue vs LIFX, I was confused of what to buy. So, I bought both lights on 10/1/2017. I can confidently say that the HUE lights were very weak compared to LIFX. There is no comparison, the LIFX were 10 times better. I immediately returned the HUE light strip. Save your time and take my word for it!

George Bedrin says:

Philips Hue is the iPhone of the smart bulb world while LIFX is Android

TiQ79 says:

It’s ambient light, it does not need to be bright.

Huh What says:

I bought 4 lifx and they all disconnect after 2-3months pretty annoying which the setting up takes forever.

silver duck says:

Philips has been on the market for more than a hundred years that’s why I chose Hue. I do not have to worry if Lifx goes belly up in a few years time.

Challenge Broadcast says:

Love Philips Hue, hate the app but that’s ok.. I’m using ImperiHome app for my VeraPlus controller so everything works really good.. Made a arduino gateway for my Vera Controller so I can make my own motion sensors for my Philips Hue and it’s awesome.

Murchy Murch says:

Best lighting combo for me. Lutron Caseta for non- color bulbs and Philips Hue. Lutron uses the proven ClearConnect RF and Hue uses Zigbee. If you’re spending hundreds on bulbs for your system company and longevity is a must. Lifx is a small company, if they go belly up you’re screwed.

Xtopher Ruckus says:

I love LiFX bulbs!!!!

Fernando Rivera says:

LIFX works with apple HomeKit

Johnny Appleseed says:

Sold all my gen 2 LIFX bulbs for 3rd gen Hue

quepiid says:

Lifx needs to add HomeKit and drop the price $5-10 and it would be no competition

Hybrid InfoDesk says:

Why I chose Hue over Lifx. Hue came with a hub so I could run my setup through a powerline Ethernet connection and not be sitting under WiFi 24/7 which is dangerous. The signal travels through the electricity in my walls from adapters. Better connectivity with no lag time.

Arturo G. says:

When you say the hue bridge can work with third party bulbs, which bulbs are you talking about? Are there cheaper alternative that I can connect to the hue bridge and use alongside Philips bulbs?

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