Philips Hue Smart Lights Setup (with Alexa & Google Home!) | The Tech Chap

Philips Hue Smart Lights Setup – Make Gaming and Movie nights even more immersive with Philips Hue Colour bulbs, Hue strip lights and wireless Hue Go lamps – and then control with your voice control using Amazon Alexa & Google Home! Check out Hue:

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Michaël Bonnet says:

They are too expensive I prefer to keep my money for something else

Zekoo says:

What is a rooter?
Jokes aside, good video!

mel pe says:

what is a Ruter?

nik hunter says:

wow definitely investing for next year

Yasir Ali says:

I have Philip hue and they are great

Zoltán Sárkány says:

Tom, can you tell me the height of your TV console? I’m looking for something similar for our living room. Much appreciated!

Aryana A.R says:

hey, im looking to buy these bulbs, i have a google home mini, do i still need the bridge?

Eric Ostroff says:

How long to these bulbs last

baseballhunter42 says:

Did you have to use IFTTT to get Echo to change colors? I have one setup with a Echo dot, and can only turn on/off bulbs/groups, and adjust brightness. Have a second area I wanted to get an Echo spot to control lights, but want to be able to change colors which Google seems to be able to do out of box and seems to need programming with IFTTT for Echo.

Tanmay Jyothis says:

i would turn it black. lol.

Sebastien Sterling-adams says:

How can I sync my light strip to match television?

Brenden White says:

Do you need the bridge just to use one Hue bulb? I only plan to control it through my phone and Echo Dot.

Raphaelus13 says:

Would I need the Philips Bridge hub to control a lights system if If I had a Google home?

Robert Benavides says:

Hi, do I need to purchase the bridge in order to change the colors?

InsideTheGuts says:

LIFX lights are better, but you were paid so I guess that doesn’t matter

tlh235 says:

Can you have a google home and echo dot with only one hue hub. Kid has a home and we just got an echo for free. Want to use echo for mancave

Pietro Bailey says:

This stuff is soooooo addictive, your wallet will not like you once you get started.

SavageArfad says:

Putting other reviewers in the shade.

Gr33nMamba says:

So next, try out the main competitor, LiFX, whom arguably have better colour reproduction at this point and don’t need a central hub.

Laccer says:

Just ordered a tripple color bulb + bridge kit for only 100 Pounds (114 Euros), plus I get a Google Home Mini from my sister (they don’t sell it here in Hungary and Google doesn’t ship it here :/). I am really looking forward to receive it on this week. 😀
Quick question: can I connect it wirelessly to the router or do I need a wired connection for the Bridge?

Kevin Houser says:

You didn’t show anything on “how to setup”. This was a Hue commercial.

Brian Rowell says:

What 3rd party apps would you recommend?

kyle mendoza says:

This seemed more like a review than an actual light setup ideas

Barry Chapman says:

Why is the TV screen blurred? What you watching over there Tom?

Ronald Brump says:

would I need a wall switch to make these work?

mohammad muzammil says:

the way he says party
turns on the party mood 🙂

Jacob Hall says:

Definitely aqua for my modern apartment

TheRealRoof says:

Alexa doesn’t want to change colour in my house, i have a gen 1 bridge

Alice Lin says:

What happens when the bulb spoil n needed replacement?

Azeem Quadri says:

Lol why is the TV blurred?

NtGism says:

Philips used to have a thing called Ambilight in some TVs. And you could configure it either to a solid color or to change color depending on the content displayed. It really elevates the viewing experience during a movie for example. Any idea how one can do that using for example that LED light-strip?

Allison Wonderlane says:

Thank you Now I definitely want one as I was just wandering

Amit Bhattacharjee says:

Can i use this bulbs as study /regler light??

Shahnaz Azhar says:

They look pretty useful in parties

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