Philips Hue & LIFX KILLER??? – Affordable Smart Bulbs | Novostella Wifi Smart LED Bulb Review

Today we talk about these awesome affordable smart wifi LED light bulbs by Novostella. These Smart lights are half the price of their more well known cousins by Phillips Hue and LIFX, but sport the same quality. I really like these Novostella Smart bulbs for a budget option so you dont have to go broke outfitting your house with smart bulbs. Novostella has lots of smart lighting options, BR30 LED bulbs, A19 LED bulbs, and they also have LED Light Strips. These are an awesome option for anyones setup! Hope you guys enjoy!

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Novostella LED Wifi Smart Bulbs:


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A19 3 Pack

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Light Strips

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shp111 says:

Just recently found your channel. Keep up the great work!

Soham Naskar says:

One word: Yeelight

Brian Babin says:

They also don’t work with Apple HomeKit.

Shane Whatley says:

Great video as always man! Love the tech stuff. I’ve got a few smart bulbs around the house, but ultimately decided to start changing out the light switches instead (with smart switches). Everyone in the house kept hitting my switches messing up my automations!

Jay Brooks says:

I love the tech vids!!!!

Greg Jent says:

please oh great one! teach me the ways of dad jokes.

Travis Cleveland says:

Def one my favorite youtubers right now! great videos man! Bring the vlogs back!!

Susan Beauchamp says:

Thanks for the video. You would look so much better and younger without that silly beard.

Directed by AJ says:

Beard gets more epic every video

riteu says:

Well Moneybags just so happens to not be my nickname, so it’ll be Novostella for me!

PS: Please don’t stop the dad jokes because I came for the tech, and subscribed for the dad jokes.

Mike Sifuentes says:

Hey Jeremy. Big howdy from out here in West Texas! I found your channel after watching your desktop build vid. My wife and I are recently empty nesters and I am looking at getting into woodworking as my main hobby. Got totally hooked on your vlogs after that. I broke my friggin’ ankle last Friday so I’ve been chronologically binge watching your channel to get current. When you’re not dodging hurricanes, you guys make Florida look like so much fun. I was down in Homestead in 2014 for work and I really enjoyed that area. Anyway, super enjoying you and the fam. Sorry about Hanky passing, but the two new additions look like fun. See ya’ on the next one!

Quenton Daniels says:

What if you did want to sell one of your organs on the black market…..

Lol, Great video mate.

Narked Diver says:

Dude – get a smaller house – less bulbs required 😉

Dan Mackenzie says:

Dad jokes fuel me.

M2K Phantom says:

No HomeKit?! No thank you!!

suz702 says:

Yep, very StarTrek-ish….I’m going right over to Amazon to order some. Thanks Jeremy!

John LeVan says:

The only part of this video that sucked is the lack of a cigar. I come here for the cigars…

Brandon Lewis says:

Been following your channel for a while now, and I love your video production! Keep up the good work!
I was JUST saying I wish they had cheaper small bulbs (I also have LIFX) and I am on a budget (Pharmacy student probs lol) so this is perfect! Thank you for the honest review!

Jacob says:

Yo Jeremy, love the vids! Your production quality is so good. Do you do this full time, or do you have a day job?

Casey Jay Benson says:

Have you found that one brand had more camera flicker than another? ie do you get flicker at 24, 60, 120 fps?

Matt Thayer says:

Your editing skills are on point dude… Keep up the good work!!

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