Philips Hue LED WiFi Smart Light Bulb

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This is an unboxing and review of the 2012 Philips HUE Lightbulb and App.


Curtis Holmes says:

Does have strobe color lights

leoric21 says:

So if i just buy one i dont need the wifi bridge?

i jusy found one on Amazon for under $20

Mike's unboxing, reviews and how to says:

We love ours and use Alexa to control them

agrg says:

Can I control if I am away from home?

sach m says:

is this an example of IoT??


How many can u connect in a single hub

edbo10 says:


Loki Lance says:

just bought them liked the video

thefront says:

Why only iPhone app? Why not also an Android app for us Android users?!?!


Bull shett

RobloxFreeBCForEveryone says:

should evrything must have technology?!?!?!

al maldini says:

$199 !!! hell no im not going to get any of these 

gatorred789 says:

great review. i knew about the hue but didn’t know what it could all do. thanks.

contrasts says:

$200 for three light bulbs.

Renan Barco says:

Hi I have a question. Im a new Hue user. Our router at home is controlled by the provider and I asked them to make it a bridge. Im planning to buy a new Airport Express, will this work on Hue bridge? Which port did you plug the bridge and which one is to the internet?

Andrew OHara says:

There was a story about this happening making the rounds in the news lately, but it was not with Hue, it was with another automation system and they did not change the default password. Luckily worst they could do is through you a dance party by hacking in!

timpster ninetythree says:

Check out f.lux it’s a free program for your computer that will “warm up” the color on the screen AND recently hue bulbs, when it is your local sunset time!
The hue bulb feature is only available on Windows currently but hopefully that will change!

NicMediaDesign says:

Use it to extend Ambilight, it is just awesome!

Théo Durocher says:

Why always make a free Apple publicity !

You don’t talk about if it is compatible with good divice like Android, windows computer or tablet or BlackBerry 10 os !

Iam tired to hear about Apple products !

What can I do with an iPhone and iPad? Nothing !

Macbook pro and Mac computer is good but iphone and iPad is crap!

Adam Islam says:

Is this on home kit on apple

xristos kalandrias says:

zigbee protocol!!

Co X says:

how to save the color setting when turn on/ off the light?  I noticed that when I turn off the light then turn on the light, the previous color setting is gone and returned to default color .

Karen Kertley says:

just order this. Cannot wait to get it. No more of those crazy light timers

sabugdalantx says:

Very good video, just wondering do they have one with speakers and one with camera?

Ajibola Robinson says:

Great intro video! So I have a question, if my router is in the basement and I locate the HUB there to connect via Ethernet will it still be able to send signals to the bulbs on the 1st floor? Or can I use my wireless receiver on the 1st floor to connect the hub? I don’t use Airports and I don’t want to buy one either. Thanks! 

Mark Williams says:

andrew….i have several hue LUX bulbs, bridge etc inside house….i have a very large 100% protected entryway with 2 large enclosed wall lights, not even sunlight hits them…but it does get hot outside….can i use these outside, protected in phoenix az??…these run much much cooler than regular bulbs….again, these are LUX, not the color capable ones which run warmer/hotter…..your thoughts?

Shenzhen Kinglong Technology Co.,Ltd says:

Nice LED WiFi Smart Light Bulb

Kasper Bond says:

Got the starter kit for free with my new Philips Tv and I fell in love instantly….

Question: can i use my own pictures, instead of using the fish or the sunset?

ravvraj says:

Excellent review. I am so going to buy this but I have only once concern. The wifi is it always on? I have problem with bluetooth and wifi at night I don’t get sleep. If I shut them down everything I sleep like a baby. For years I have never had any wireless devices. I got a wireless router recently just to connect by mobiles because it has has an off button that I can switch off at night(but keep my PC connected via the LAN port)
I found out recently that a wireless door bell does not have the Wifi always on. Its the Bell that has a wifi that sends a wifi signal only when pressed and will make the bell ring.
So was wondering if this Hue light too is something like the wifi doorbell or is that central UNIT letting out WIFI signals all the time.
Also if I turn of the WIFI in my phone will the lights still run the programs(that is turn on and off at specified time).
Please shed some light on this Thanks

Wade says:

tried everything and they won’t work…. :[

huey dee says:

2 for $99.99 on Amazon until the 15th

Faithz Nguyen says:

What is that Lamp at 6:58 second?

Al Stanko says:

Hey! So my question is… I have a vacation home in Las Vegas but live in Canada. If I want to use this as a security feature can I control it all the way down here? Also….. If I’m using say 2 bulbs both for lamp shades with switches on them. Is the bulb smart enough to turn on even with the switchs off or does the guest need to turn on the switchs on the lamps and leave it for me to turn it off. I know it sounds a bit confusing lol.. Thanks in advance

adam Morey says:

what a waist of money all thay do is change colors and there not that impressive just saying

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